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BBQ… Optimization!

BBQ... Optimization
BBQ... Optimization

BBQ also winter sport, many of us use a grill outside on the deck. Personally, I try to cut back on the AMOUNT of meat consumption…Protein Counting! and Plant Emphasis!…essential, if we for example BBQ a steak, get basic parameters right. Minimize negatives, and perhaps taking some benefits in the process! BBQ… Optimization!

Most important, and threshold: Source the right meat. MUST be organic, grassland fed.. and from NON-CAFOs or Confined Animal Feeding Operations…avoids entirely unsuitable meat, which we have dealt with in other articles….to use the vernacular, an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ANIMAL, with major credits: leaner, less fat to strip, higher levels of vitamins and minerals, positive ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fats. Best positive: an absence of antibiotics, toxins, and the usual accompanying sewer of parallel CAFO problems, such as superbugs, see Bacteria Resistant Antibiotics… all nastily promulgated upon our North American population.

How to grill…How to marinade! Grilling BBQ Steaks usually involves high temperatures, but this creates toxins, such as HCAs…heterocyclic amines, and PAHs….polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,…linked to cancer. Keep temperature towards lower end! BBQ… Optimization!

A good start is to avoid burning, charring meat…strip away that fat! Cut out store bought marinades, just assume they contain the wrong ingredients… suggestion…use beer (the darker the better) or red wine, or olive oil…but really best cold for salads!…personally prefer avocado or coconut oil, with vinegar, lemon or just water. Using acidic base of vinegar or lemon, also cuts down on AGEs…advanced glycation end products! that just sounds nasty, but there are even other additional ‘baddies’!…try to let meat marinate for about five hours or more. This process should reduce dramatically the production of HCAs, as incidentally does adding great natural herbs and spices. We end up with a much safer and tasty morsel!  Serve the meat if possible on the rare as opposed to overdone side… I go for medium rare. Try and keep away from burnt! We are now deploying percentages with the odds in our favor, and can therefore enjoy that occasional, sensibly proportioned SMALL 4 oz. steak! with guilt free pleasure!