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Step By Step Evolution or Punctuated Equilibrium?

Step By Step Evolution Or Punctuated Equilibrium?
Step By Step Evolution Or Punctuated Equilibrium?

This article to give some insight into the complexity of evolution. When Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific on HMS Beagle in 1835 he recognized the complexity of his emerging theory of survival of the fittest! His mind was far reaching. He left room in his later works for flexibility. Step By Step Evolution Or Punctuated Equilibrium?

This depended upon the gathering of information such as fossils. Then upon their interpretation. But a major concern was the alarm his writings surely would cause among Instant Creation thinkers. It was not until 1859 that he was prepared to publish his groundbreaking Origin of Species. There were antagonistic religious views to any thought of evolution. Forget even the thought of Step By Step Evolution Or Punctuated Equilibrium?

He indeed was a crusader, both brilliant and brave. But TODAY we have tons of information and are fine tuning Darwin evolution theories. This helps explain our Health thinking and the power of our DNA. You see we have to seize our opportunity now to up link, not only Health, but Longevity!

We now are confident that evolution of life has restarted five different times on this planet! The last Great Punctuated Equilibrium occurrence was only 60 million years ago. The scene then on this planet was majestic jungles and swamps, and thriving dinosaurs and like ilk!

It was an incredible sight. Those enormous creatures of massive tonnage and some even capable of flight! Today’s relatively tiny birds descended from those species! Humans just did not exist. Somehow we evolved from this entirely different world. But our genes extend back into that apparent abyss. BUT an accident occurred from outer space and hit Mexico. This affected the world on a massive cataclysmic scale! An analogy perhaps to us carefully nurturing our health but forgetting the chance of other accidental risks!

A mini example of this kind of evolutionary change that occurs from time to time is Göbekli Teki. This is nowhere near the order of a classic macro evolutionary change that upsets and punctuates the status quo! But there was a civilization recently that was human. Recent by evolutionary standards! Some 12,000 years old and an incredible temple has been unearthed in Turkey. This is before even the agricultural age! Now my assessment is that climate change up tilted them. A fertile valley became dry and those peoples just could not survive! They moved!

I mention this because a similar event is occurring right under our noses! California is drying out! We will have to adapt. My solution is that technology may perhaps save us. We move into covered ecosystems. This to protect us from our world system that scientists, bureaucrats, and politicians have viewed as an experimental laboratory and failed. The biosphere experiment in Tuscon, Arizona, in the States may yet become a reality in it’s concept!

What is of real consternation is that our overflowing numbers as humans on this globe is literally destroying our ecosystem. Following an example: Based upon reliable data, since 1962, we have destroyed by almost an additional third all species of animals in this world! This is criminal! This shocking accomplishment without any real fanfare or comment! Those animals are now extinct! We are doing the same on a grand scale with plants. We have to get our act together! This is another example of Punctuated Equilibrium and we are not even really aware of it!  Step By Step Evolution Or Punctuated Equilibrium?