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Northern Climate And Vitamin D

Northern Climate and Vitamin D
Northern Climate and Vitamin D

Northern Climate And Vitamin D.. We evolved out of Africa….where our skins were darker and protected us from sunlight, of which there was plenty! In the last ‘short’ time span, in terms of evolution, we migrated to Northern latitudes, our skins by natural selection became lighter…look at this as  inherited ‘edge’ and advantage to maximize the effect of reduced sunlight on our skins. This because our largest organ, our skin, has adapted to utilize sunlight for natural vitamin D. This capacity itself an incredible DNA reversal of the negatives sunlight! BUT our new society communities and habits effectively do everything possible to avoid us going outdoors! We work indoors, we wear clothes, we smother ourselves with sun creams…that do have their place…and dermatologists will often seemingly be overboard here! BUT an understanding or the Importance of Sun…itself of paramount Importance!

What’s Optimal level for Vitamin D?..Ideally, if we are exposed to sun every day, then supplemental amounts required by pill, can be drastically reduced! Without sunlight, we are nearly all consequently chronically short of Vitamin D! That’s the Problem with Northern Climate And Vitamin D?

Now for the upper limit…well it seems to be in the 10,000 unit range, which is more than twice we need…so there is some margin of safety before toxicity risk. Allowing adjustments for real sun exposure…I try for 20 minutes a day at least. AND increase Vitamin D 3 if heavy, obese or wrong end of age spectrum! Overweight?..then around 3,000 total, or really obese category, even more! Over age 70, who often marooned indoors!…may take 3,500 to 4000 units to compensate. No need for much lab testing, a few thousand a day should bring almost everyone up without toxicity risk. Inflammation drops Vitamin D levels…! Those with Metabolic Syndrome issues, such as Diabetes, Colitis, Crohn’s, and Cancer, probably need to compensate with more Vitamin D. But best source…in my opinion…natural sunlight. This is our inbuilt DNA, inherited expression capacity from simply using our skin! Personally believe it is for a change an inactive, but highly beneficial method for maximizing both effects of Ultra Violet, AND Infra Red optimal spectrum. Seems vitamin D 3 is a significant positive factor sufferers Metabolic Syndrome…prefer expression…Insulin Resistant Syndrome. Thus: Northern Climate And Vitamin D. Relevant!