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Rice Recipe to Reduce Arsenic!

Rice Recipe to Reduce Arsenic
Rice Recipe to Reduce Arsenic

Dr.Michael Greger deserves cudos work on arsenic and relationship to and in our foods…particularly chicken from CAFOs, mushrooms and now importantly rice! Rice Recipe to Reduce Arsenic! Main culprit…industrial chicken industry! Meaning CAFOs, where, despite all the PR nonsense of food outlets, like McDonald’s…’concern’ for the wholesomeness of chickens really lip service! Consumption example: take some 200,000 ‘chics’ …raised to fast tracked adulthood with…in the US…the aid of growth hormones…but both jurisdictions…Canada and US…forced to use drugs such as roxarsone and antibiotics…this the cause in general of massive failure of antibiotics within our human population! All to stench the disgusting floor covered fecal rotting mess. Just in US..some half million lbs of pure arsenic is dumped yearly. This being water soluble…gets into soils and farmland one way or another. Maybe even as straight fertilizer! Added compounding problem from 1927… cotton fields were directly sprayed with pesticides laced with arsenic!..this now forever locked into the soil! Rice grown t these locations specially bred to be arsenic resistant…plants survive but what about us humans! Remember here rice is grown! Makes least damaging rice… ironically California, as free from this ugly historical equation! What is solution? Certainly not China…once…before their industrial and toxin polluted conversion..the rice fields may have been safe…but now!! Back to North America, that with the food industry lobby is similarly arsenic tainted…how to offset arsenic contained within rice?

Rice Recipe to Reduce Arsenic! Nutrients always disappear from White Rice…remember here Brown is more resilient! So, instead cooking traditional way as in rice cookers with evaporation of all water…

my ‘chef hat’ advice: wash initially in cold water, say three times…then drop into pot of boiling water, as you would pasta, that way at least 10 to 1 dilution!..fast boil until about cooked but still firm, in other words the Italian way for pasta! Immediately drain water, and leave on side, with lid on, until ready to use. BUT add some sesame seed oil…or coconut oil…or even butter! and put lid over top…it will stay hot and cure! Serve!

Arsenic poison reduced by more than half! its lesser of all evils…’boils down’ to lesser of   all poison evils! Tough living in our polluted industrial society! Thus use Rice Recipe to Reduce Arsenic!