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On Demand Bowel Movement Ideal!

On Demand Bowel Movement Ideal!
On Demand Bowel Movement Ideal!

Put ourselves into a paleolithic frame of mind…our forbears spent most of their time plant and fruit foraging…with the occasional tit bit of birds’ eggs or perhaps some scraps of meat! The fruit in the Northern latitudes tended to be seasonal…but Africa a different story…such that our DNA tends to indicate fructose was a primary dietary source. A leap forward came with the discovery of not only how to make fire…but also the use of fire for chemical change to foods that actually increased our ability to survive through a better ability to absorb nutrients in changed form. But one theme constant…there was a huge amount of fiber and even fructose was controlled respecting glycemic spikes through combination with fiber. This presented a slower release of the fructose. In any event the continuous movement of our ancestors continuously negated that phenomena anyway! That lifestyle therefore filled the microbiome with fiber. Bacteria thrived in this environment and very likely the favorable kind! There are still some tribes in Africa that simulate this lifestyle, with movement, plenty of fiber and a restricted, largely plant and fruit based diet. These individuals seem to be able to ‘pooh’ on demand. Actually On Demand Bowel Movement Ideal!

This a sure sign of healthy lifestyle! Most North Americans and for that matter most in our ‘society’, with continuous exposure to the wrong foods, an over supply of carbohydrates and sugars, with under supply right fats…cannot make grade On Demand Bowel Movement Ideal!

As Michael Greger says…Ancient Egypt had a good command of medicine…and even had a physician called the ‘guardian of the royal bowel movement’…hieroglyphics translation ‘Shepherd of the Anus‘!…points out Hippocrates thought bowel movements should ideally be two or three times a day, which is what is seen in populations with traditional plant-based diets. It seems one needs about 3 to 5 ounces of material in the rectum for an easy passage on demand. Strangely if one’s microbiome is really properly functioning, then the volume of material is substantially increased, simply with the presence of immense amount quantity of probiotic active bacteria. Those bacteria even outnumber our body cells 10 to 1..! So here you have it…3 to 4 times daily fantastic…and the ultimate: On Demand Bowel Movement Ideal!