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Punch Keto Diet Confusion. Longevity & Health!

Punch Keto Diet Confusion. Longevity & Health!
Punch Keto Diet Confusion. Longevity & Health!

I personally believe that Dr. Joseph Mercola has, perhaps, the best understanding of Ketogenesis. Importantly, he himself implements personally. He speaks from experience and continuous personal adaptation!

But Dr. David Joders of ‘StemCellMiracle’ has good analysis:

A ketogenic diet, otherwise known as ‘keto diet’ is generally popular diet program adopting low-carbs, high-fats.
Mainly used to manage, or lose weight.
The term ‘ketogenic’ has roots in ‘ketone’ comprising water-soluble molecules that provide energy.
ketosis metabolism is when our bodies start burning fat, instead of carbohydrates, for fuel.

Different Kinds of Keto Diet


perhaps most popular. offshoot Atkins plan. limiting carb intake a maximum of 50 grams a day.

Targeted Keto:

traditional form of Atkins diet. mainly focuses on not the intake, but the level of regular exercise an individual gets

targeted keto exercisers advised to take carbs 30 minutes before intense exercise regimen. recommendation easily digestible carbs as they won’t not weighing heavily when moving.

Preference carbs containing glucose than fructose-based. body burns glucose-based carbs more efficiently, leaving no trace behind. and should not affect the state of ketosis.

After exercise, then low-fat, high protein foods. This is because fat intake following workout may affect muscle recovery and general nutrient absorption. again 50 grams carbs or less target per day.

Cyclic Keto

Cyclic similar to target requiring vigorous workout program. Athletes, bodybuilders and competitive amateurs often adopt cyclic keto when wanting to build up lean muscle and burn away fat.

‘cyclic’ refers to alternating between standard keto and taking in large amounts of carbohydrates. ‘carb-loading’ mode, lasting between 24 to 48 hours. Fat intake then between 450 to 600 grams.

Afterwards, carb intake again restriction to 50 grams maximum.

Keto Restricted

for those who want to get well, i.e. when suffering from a deadly condition, such as cancer.

aim to make it difficult for cancerous cells to thrive, along with limited caloric intake.

Studies show cancer cells cannot eat ketones, and therefore more prone to die without fuel.

plan involves 3 to 5-day fasting program where one only drinks water. Causes low-calorie ketogenic diet. goa to reduce blood sugar levels to 55-65 mg, or 3.4 ounces per deciliter, and blood ketone levels to 4 millimolars.

Once one recognizes the true benefits of fasting. I’m talking water fasting, with my personal preference for a yearly program. This comprises 4 water fasts for five days each then all kinds of benefits ensue, besides the Valter Longo longevity equation operational! But SHORT OF WATER FASTING WHICH IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR YOUTH:
restricted keto diet beneficial treating other diseases.
can reverse kidney damage associated with Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes,
control epileptic seizures in children, (NOT WATER FASTING FOR THEM!)
and aid in healing for patients suffering from traumatic brain injury and Parkinson’s disease.
Also, and this is my main focus to fight disease. to reap multiple benefit contra-aging, with a quantum leap in years of benefit.
It seems that Mercola edging more to multiple so-called fasting short of water fasts, with the theory of maybe substituting and also reaping health and longevity benefits.
Personally, if you are a senior you seriously must entertain Water Fasting for extended periods as well in my opinion!

Stem Cell Therapy AND Keto Diet

Stem cell therapy remarkable regenerative treatment, making use of patient’s very own stem cells to heal, repair and regenerate damaged tissue following an injury or illness.

Keto diet and stem cells are a great match:
For instance, a doctor can have a diabetic patient adopt a keto diet to reduce hyperglycemia and keep blood sugar levels in check.
I believe that diabetic states have a really close association with obesity. This is now probably the major world health problem!
Ketogenic diet, when combined with stem cell therapy, produces a synergistic effect.
For patients suffering from kidney or liver disease, the state of ketogenesis enhances the healing effect that stem cells bring.
by blocking glucose metabolization and allowing healthy kidney cells to replace the damaged ones.
Some experts say that it can even switch off harmful genes that express kidney failure.

But all these disciplines should be with medical advice and consultation.

But the five-day water fast is a fantastic health and longevity modality. Punch Keto Diet Confusion. Longevity & Health!