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Processed Foods, Poison? Remarkable Vani, Awesome!

Processed Foods, Poison? Remarkable Vani, Awesome!
Processed Foods, Poison? Remarkable Vani, Awesome!

This topic just one of my many but important modalities?  Avoidance of processed foods at all costs!

Many reasons! but ‘Food Babe’ Vani Hari is remarkably candid! Even about her rampant, medically prescribed, anti-depressant drugs! She was hooked! And in several ‘negative’ modalities! BUT she shook off two serious addictions: drugs, and certain foods!

Let’s discuss just processed foods!
Vani, attributes her past poor health, acne, and obesity, to instantly available, cheap ‘processed’ foods. Plus she confirms how addictive they really are!
High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugars just a portion!
Also describes shocking medical prescriptions in her past to avoid stress! example: nine prescriptions for all kinds of ‘conditions’ when teenager!
reflective of obesity and health crisis hitting third world countries.
her parents adopt an American diet, after coming from India! imagine leaving that vegetarian and natural diet!
then the processed food industry undermining her health! From childhood.
Her real power? My assessment: Viral media support! public now have ingrained suspicious instincts of authoritarian dictates and approvals!
generally reaching belief that big food, big pharma, GMO farming and toxins ARE likely very harmful.
She demonstrates: it is one step at a time…cannot be complicated! then the message gets lost.
In this interview by Chris, Vani Hari, strikes grassroots fear into:
‘Goliath’ brands like Subway, Starbucks, Chipotle, Chik-fil-A, Anheuser-Busch.
and many more! who improving their formulas by removing unnecessary and potentially harmful food additives.
eliminating GMOs, sourcing antibiotic-free animal protein, etc.
additionally fully disclosing the ingredients they use in their recipes so we know exactly what we are eating and drinking.
What is particularly worrisome is the story about Subway. The onetime, (before Hari intervention) highly toxic chemical. Ingredient target of Hari, only added in the US.
To their bread!
Their excuse for toxicity, uniform bubbles in bread but forbidden in other countries. particularly in:
Singapore, where there are potentially massive fines for any infractions. Accordingly a different Subway bread in Singapore! some big bubbles others small!)
She succeeded with Subway and now they are far more transparent!
This is knowingly poisoning their own nation, before succumbing to viral pressure!
another targeted food additive: dimethylpolysiloxane. prevents foaming. and potential neural issues!
But the power of social media to change she demonstrates.
Reflects the WHY of sites such as this website.

It is to educate in small digestible bites, sound nutritional and health principles. Concepts that actually ARE understandable.

Particularly with so much expertise available through YouTube and the like which makes it all quite interactive! With proper application, to even achieve what to many, sadly seems to be miraculous!

We love acknowledging the likes of Vani! Processed Foods, Poison? Remarkable Vani, Awesome!