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Alcohol Causes Sunburn!

Alcohol Causes Sunburn
Alcohol Causes Sunburn

Achilles heel throughout my life… the enjoyment of a ‘glass or two’ in a social setting. In traditional England, the social pivot is THE PUB, although I never was used to continually standing like so many Brits…with pints in hand… Would welcome one foot on the brass rail, or a restful bar stool…Easy to ‘down’ more than just a couple of pints in a group setting. In Australia, one must honor one’s ‘SHOUT’…in the old days of ‘SWILL’ lineup of drinks! When I return to Britain, drinkers spilling ‘legally’ onto sidewalks…pavements…outside overcrowded pubs. There is a social camaraderie and acceptance…Even though wine has been discussed as integral to the supposedly miraculous, Mediterranean diet, personally I’m a skeptic, but was always happy to use the concept as an excuse! But Alcohol is Carcinogenic and Alcohol causes Sunburn.

Reality is: Alcohol Causes Sunburn!

Mouth, esophagus, stomach, colon and liver continually at risk… every time we drink. Interesting fact: it seems that alcohol now has a dramatic effect, within minutes, of lowering an inherent and ‘inherited’ protection in our skin. Antioxidant-rich… usually from plant!… foods provide our skin increased protection from sunburn… BUT alcohol destroys this in minutes… this is mind-boggling! Reason: the actual breakdown of alcohol when quickly metabolized, produces a bundle of overwhelming free radicals. These swamp the natural protection in our outer skin to negatives of sunlight. Remember sunlight has positives of natural vitamin D! We should be cautious of these damaging free radicals produced by alcohol. NEVER drink just before exposing to the sun, and perhaps reflect seriously on the quantity of alcohol ingested! The idea that our skin becomes virtually useless, with that protective effect, and so quickly, just underlines the power of free radical production in alcohol metabolism!

From a paleolithic aspect, alcohol was very likely of little consequence… so our fixation with this drug may truly be a recent and dangerous habit! Advice…try to substitute, and cut back to really an occasional drink! Alcohol also toxic to the brain, but worse powerfully carcinogenic over time! Predict because ‘alcohol lobby’ is strong…just as tobacco lobby!… it will be long while before even appropriate warnings… such as Alcohol Carcinogenic… BUT also for us maximizing for natural Vitamin D… Alcohol Causes Sunburn!