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Diet Drinks Dangerous


Many trying to avoid sugars, or worse product, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)… switch to Diet Drinks. Pepsi recently returned to the Aspartame pack, after publicity of using a natural sweetener…how short lived that public experience was! Likely hedge for potential taxes being placed on sodas! Diet sweeteners to avoid? Short order: 1) Saccharin (Sweet’N Low); 2) Sucralose; 3) Aspartame (NutraSweet active ingredient) Advertising strongly suggests diet beverages reduces calories and thus weight. Instead they work chemically to lower the body’s natural appetite suppressants, with sugar cravings the result! BUT Aspartame is also associated with METHANOL TOXICITY, result toxic formaldehyde. This is devastating for ALZHEIMER’S. ALL above proportionally greater concern children, because of their size and consequential increased impact. Diet Drinks Dangerous.

Metabolic pathways seem disrupted by diet drinks, and also Gut Dysbiosis, past topic on this WEB, is also casualty. Diet Drinks Dangerous.

It makes sense chemicals in Coca-Cola are a major contributor to destruction of microflora in our microbiome! This disruption just raises odds for Obesity, accompanied with all resultant metabolic syndrome diseases, such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, and even Cancer. Effects even, and likely, fertility in already pregnant women, and their embryos! Poor diet, as a consequence, is an Alzheimer contributor, with the sugar/fructose and grains issue…BUT also, methanol toxicity, associated with Aspartame, is deadly serious. Good read: “While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills”, by Dr. Woodrow Monte.

My Beef!…Coca-Cola, sponsor of Sports and Olympics, continually promoting that image of health, and thereby arguing that diet drinks enable the Obesity fight, is utter nonsense. This, in face of recent surveys, indicating exact opposite. Watching the Olympics in Brazil this past summer, the impression and association of Health and Fitness related to Coca-Cola, was overwhelming! The implicit, relentless, subliminal persuasiveness upon the viewer significant! Without doubt, most have a positive reaction belief generally to Coca-Colas, but worse, there is a kind of fall back for their Diet Drinks, as an ultimate alternative fundamental consolation, thus justifying that healthy image! Conclusion: major starting negative, insulin resistance issue…then  It’s a sad indictment on the hypocrisy, and  overwhelming, self-serving interest, of corporate food in North America. Diet Drinks Dangerous.