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Care With Salt

Care with Salt
Care with Salt

Researchers, when discussing salt, invariably pound the table negatively…Care With Salt…. its a difficult subject and following just one caveat. I was raised as small boy in the tropics, and actually took salt pills. In hot climates it’s very easy to find oneself in salt deficit! Most of us ‘into’ our health usually have two main objectives: firstly, the right diet, and in ALL respects. Secondly, exercise, and usually serious exercise! We all are conscious by now of… Movement Always After Eating and how important it is to try and walk after a meal…But ingrained somehow is that Exercise should mean ‘sweat’. BUT Sweat means a loss of salt. Every day, I sweat, during those HIIT and Cardio workouts. Just mere floor exercises and weights themselves are strenuous…something’s wrong in our minds if the gear is not soaked!

NOW if we live in a moderate climate, like Vancouver or Seattle, where rain and gloom predominate, and do NOT do the above….invariably, and unfortunately converse happens..we usually consume FAR TOO MUCH salt! Care With Salt

Add to this the nightmare of processed foods, restaurants, and some Asian restaurants! The salt intake can be mind boggling. Our palate will quickly adjust to no salt. At home we should NOT automatically throw salt into our cooking! Nor on our food before tasting it! !

Better to use other flavorings: pepper, garlic, basil, chili, thyme, rosemary, coriander, lemon, lemon zest, onion, and my favorite, curry….that contains the magic turmeric! Incidentally If you must add salt to make more suitable to your personal palate …substitute and make it palatable more healthy:Himalayan’ salt  our ‘health gospel’! We are inundated by vested interests interfering with our health EVERYWHERE! We need the health voice of reason, easily understood, and spread by word of mouth.

Simplistically, Care With Salt: respectively four millions and five millions annually causal resulting mortalities. Remedies: NO processed foods. Buy only foods with less MILLIGRAMS of sodium than ‘serving size’ GRAMS! Or aim for fewer mgs NaCl. (salt) than K s (calories)….example: if sodium is @ 700 Milligrams and Calories @250…. it’s a no-no. This is dietician Jeff Novick’s trick…if always more calories than salt, there would be less than 2,300 Milligrams of salt ingested, our daily upper ceiling!