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Bone Broth, Tempting or Toxic Poison?

Tempting Bone Broth Toxic Poison?
Tempting Bone Broth Toxic Poison?

Meat is a big problem Health Wise. Normally I exempt Organic meat, all on the theory that animals are free, do not disgustingly foul their stalls, and are not full of toxins. But must change this thinking and advice after looking at that most basic soup stock… bone broth.

Reasons for Caution:
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are cesspools of everything bad, and nearly all of our meat comes from these sources!
The really toxic metals dangerous for our health seem to go to the bones of these animals.
Too much meat, and particularly barbecue, is a caution on this site, as potentially causing cancer.
Now it seems that even organic sourced meat, and I include chickens, have an overwhelming toxin level in their bones.
Paleo diet advocates love bone broth. Reasons superficially seem okay, but dig a little deeper and it is worrisome. Also paleo diets often end up with too much protein. which means even greater concentration of toxins.

There are many toxins in not only meats but also fish. For instance just a few are Herbicides, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, and some of those possibly causation with Cancer.

Eating Fish No Longer Protects Us:

In fish surprisingly we find the highest levels of lead, and also for that matter arsenic and mercury. I always look at sardines as fast swimming, but they also hit. The worst are bottom feeders, and unfortunately tuna is a real victim.
Fish, such as sole and tilapia, now breeding in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. But bureaucracies do not count the contamination in those fish products fed to these creatures ! So much for reliance on them!

Now let us talk lead in broth!

Once we allow contamination to our bodies, tricky to eliminate those toxins. I describe several successful methods when these toxins build up and hide in our fat cells. But given that most of us never experience ketosis, this means we do not regularly eliminate metals such as mercury and aluminum. But the real problem is lead bypassing fat, and that toxin getting to our bones. There detoxifying is a real problem. It really means that lead tends to stay in the body.

Now just pause a fraction, if lead so easily sidetracks from that middle station of ours, namely our gut fat, and builds up in the bones, then what about that tasty bone broth dish? I for one love bone broth, and particularly after coming out of a five day fast. But the very boiling of bones in bone broth unleashes the lead into that soup!

Broth made from chicken bones, and we all like that taste, has really high lead concentrations. Surprisingly they are up to a ten-fold increase. As a result the research sector is now cautioning doctors and nutritionists take that risk of lead contamination into consideration when advising patients about bone broth diets.

But as  Michael Greger M.D. FACLM so neatly and caustically makes the point: What if we only eat organic free range chickens? Unfortunately those researchers actually do use organic free range chickens!