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Overcome Aging by Savvy Tea Drinking!

Overcome Aging by Savvy Tea Drinking!
Overcome Aging by Savvy Tea Drinking!

Overcome Aging by Savvy Tea Drinking! The answer is an emphatic yes! And it is one habit, and one easy module that to adopt as a way of life. That is key, we advocate a protocol to make life and make health and longevity simple!

Aging in North America is an utter disaster! We now all have heard of the ever accelerating Obesity Crisis and seemingly no end in sight. This is really part of an Insulin Resistance Crisis where more than one third of the US population have Diabetes or the early stages called Pre-Diabetes. This also is an accelerating factor! But in fact much turns around Artery Function. It is amazing ,but if our Arteries are not plaque laden, then not only is our Heart in better condition, but our Brain is positively affected! It is our Endothelial efficiency that seems to be hit by simply aging? Consequences are that our arteries become plugged over a period of time! This creates just in itself a phenomenal impetus towards premature aging. BUT there is a simple antidote! If I was to select an easy module to help the grand push and triumph over aging and it’s consequences I would pick a ‘cuppa tea’. Yes, Overcome Aging by Savvy Tea Drinking!

BUT you cannot just drink tea the British way! Piles of Milk and Sugar. Both those items interfere big time with the inherent advantages the Tea provides. We have written before about tea! The Chinese for eons knew how to drink it! Neat! Cut out the Milk and Sugar!

Dr. Michael Gregor, whom I respect for his incessant insistence on putting concepts to the test…”put it to the test” he always says!.. and scrutinizing the research…has always been a tea promoter. To quote: Our endothelium, the inner lining of our blood vessels that controls the function of every artery in our body, “appears to play a critical role in a variety of human disorders, including peripheral vascular disease, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, chronic kidney failure, [cancer, and blood clots]….” Unfortunately, endothelial cells only live about 30 years, and their replacements don’t seem to function as well. So, “[a]s men and women approach the ages of 40 and 50, there is a progressive decline in endothelial function.” At age 50 or 60, we “can no longer tolerate this risk-factor burden that [we] were once able to tolerate at age 10 or 20,” thanks…being cynical here, to this progressive decline in endothelial function. BUT…Greger endorses:

The decline in artery function is not just an inevitable consequence of aging. Overcome Aging by Savvy Tea Drinking! 

There is increasing data to suggest that age is not an immutable risk factor—the decline in artery function is not just an inevitable consequence of aging. Researchers did not see the same progressive decline in a Chinese population studied. It seems that older Chinese had the arterial function of 20 year olds! Their tradition is one of drinking green tea that because of it’s flavonoid phytonutrients has a rapid beneficial effect. Now black tea works just as well…forget the caffeine which can only keep you awake if you drink it too late! Personally am glad about the Black Tea as I found out after much difficulty that I was allergic to Green! But Western countries just mess Black Teas beneficial effect by adding Milk and Sugar! The research now has passed the test of showing that the biological endothelial positive is just immediately neutralized by the milk protein casein, and similarly if Soy milk is used in a mistaken healthy concept manner…it is the Soy protein…! So much significant impact that the European Society of Cardiology endorsed the avoidance of milk! So my British colleagues….cut out the milk, cut out the sugar, and even cut out the honey…that is with Tea. A little good honey take elsewhere!