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Meat Adds Weight

Meat Adds Weight
Meat Adds Weight

We all know that vegetarians as a group seem to have the edge when it comes to weight and obesity, versus the rest of the population. My concern is that to be completely vegan means one must make up nutrient deficiency. A paleolithic view would similarly confirm. Our forebears no doubt were primarily vegetable, berry and fruit gatherers, but always meat protein was acceptable. The amount was probably not excessive. But…Meat Adds Weight!

Many of us have been exposed to reality shows where the ability of a human to actually catch sizable protein is quite difficult….even if one is just trying to fish…it’s not that easy! It dramatically shows Meat Adds Weight!

This is now survey confirmed, what is startling, is how meat proportionally dramatically increases the propensity for overweight, with the subjects eating the SAME number of calories a day, and with the same intake of vegetables, fruits, grains, and the same exercise! A really small daily serving of meat marginal; but progressively worse. With just one and a half servings a day, the graduation was to a 25 Body Mass Index (BMI) and therefore an accompanying weight problem. BUT even adding just one chicken breast every two weeks to the mix, that progressively and significantly accelerated everything!

Vegetables emphasis, requires good supplements. What I take I am going to set out, and these are dealt with, ongoing, throughout the articles. A list without comment at this stage should be helpful: Remember: Omega 3s; Krill Oil (less contamination); great believer in Ubiquinol; Resveratrol; Saw Palmetto for men as a good Prostrate background protection; That Vitamin C which made Britain great on the oceans is still important! Serrapeptase a sleeper antioxidant!; Vitamin B complete complex including 12..! Assume Calcium with healthy diet but often Magnesium is in short supply and vital! Alpha Lipoic Acid…a real fighter for brain health!; Vitamin D3 and K which is the new deficit scourge with our way of life of cars and indoors!..and Northern climates! But back to Meat! Meat Adds Weight!