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Digestive Resistant Starch

Digestive Resistant Starch
Digestive Resistant Starch

We have already discussed Soluble and Insoluble Fiber; and important is the ability of fiber to generate the right environment in our large intestine. Helpful is Digestive Resistant Starch.

An excellent type of fiber, that we should encourage as part of our diet. Included are cooked potatoes and pasta, cooled. Thus alters chemically to Resistant Starch…great news for potato lovers!!

Some potatoes like Red Russet have a Glycemic Index of some 130. This is extremely high, and changing these chemically is a real boon. Cooling does just that! Other examples under ripe bananas and papayas, and even mangoes. They contain greater amounts of digestive resistant starch in their unripened state. This can be fantastic for the gut. Reason:
It’s the fiber ‘fermentability’ key…resistant starches, low-viscous fibers, resist digestion in our small intestine.
but then slowly fermenting upon reaching the large.. the slow reaction produces less gas..important for some.
In the large intestine the resistant starches act as prebiotics, feeding healthy bacteria which are part of our probiotics.
Stool becomes more bulky, with consequential regular bowel movements.
Remember that a very large percentage of the stool is in fact bacteria, and they far exceed by billions the number of cells in our body. This part of the body I call our second brain!

Once our gut has been seeded in this manner, important to regularly take probiotics, emphasizing the good bacteria….once a day…..ensuring Digestive Resistant Starch.

The probiotics can be in powder or tablet/pill form. There are now a huge choice out there and the more good bacteria the better! See comments on smoothies.

For blenders chop up tough items such as avocado stones (the pip contains some 80% of the avocado fat and nutrient benefit!) and ginger! have their place! usually keeping fiber is ideal.