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AC/DC Malcolm Young Dementia Death

AC/DC Malcolm Young Dementia Death
AC/DC Malcolm Young Dementia Death

AC/DC Malcolm Young Dementia Death…This is yet another tragic death that undoubtedly was caused by a rapid deterioration after the announcement in 20014 that Malcolm Young had Dementia. Young died on Saturday November 19th. 2017. The family statement was to the point without too much of the telling…”…Malcolm had been suffering from Dementia for several years and passed away peacefully with his family by his bedside”.

Reading through the lines, the tragedy seems apparent. It may have taken a while for the fact of Dementia and prospective Alzheimer’s to be realized. Malcolm Young was the creative force for AC/DC from the start. This is a man that used his creative and cerebral talents continuously. BUT…he is also an example of a hard life! Aussie emigrant as a boy from Scotland…soon brawling and playing guitar…but exposed to causative alcohol Dementia big time! Aussies in those days downed midis by the dozen!

The smoke and booze oozed around him. Early on, Bon Scott the lead singer for the group, actually died of alcohol poisoning, but reality out of control, and choking in London taxi on his own vomit! Malcolm fought alcohol but that wasn’t easy! and much worse to come: AC/DC Malcolm Young Dementia Death.

Even backed out of tour 88 because of addiction. Places where he played…filled, not only booze but cigarette smoke…brother Angus chain smoker!…Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle not easy! Probably reason as compensation Malcolm shunned publicity and savored privacy and family. Ultimate harbor surrounding his bedside at his death! Long term results of lifestyle also spawned cancer of lungs and heart issues! Dementia itself, in reality onset early…at time of Black Ice June 28th 2008 in Bilbao Spain, his memory and concentration was markedly deteriorating but he able still to participate…but only just! So it really was a fight to the death, with an Alzheimer’s hangover for a decade! His medical care no doubt strictly impeccable…but drugs notoriously useless Alzheimer’s to date! It’s lifestyle change and necessarily dramatic that can help…but strangely the medical profession oblivious to most…AC/DC Malcolm Young Dementia Death.