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Players here proximate to myself!! Subject important…about Lessons Brain Health! How to improve anything that department. Particularly knowing brain decline a number one health concern worldwide. Stephen Hawking, a man I attended at same Cambridge college, Trinity Hall, whom I absolutely admire for his determined resolution and brilliance… Hawking, actually at Quiz Show, he personally met with Eric Monkman…Canadian from Ontario, and captain of Cambridge team, of this enormously popular British recent quiz show. His looming top heavy visage…dominating the scene!

Lessons Brain Health…an enormous appetite for information…read, read…absolute and intense concentration

Not just for the quiz, that is obvious…but to reach capacity for that destination…how…throughout his, Monkman’s mental development! Monkmania took hold of Britain! Now what is the explanation for this brilliance?…is it just the chance of genes? Personally I do not think so. Providing we have a reasonable modicum of what today is called intelligence, often measured, by what I think is often completely irrelevant, and for our society damaging intelligence tests. Key is our latent intelligence…there are many, including within my family and myself, who suffer from some so called impairment of dyslexia…in the recent past this just killed off those exhibiting such traits as the system just self eliminated them! This despite Einstein, who was dyslexic! Our school system learning slowly…but only with intense lobbying from enlightened educators. Government even tougher…much easier to make no exceptions for Universities…then its easy for those cruising, teaching and administrating within those ranks! Monkman’s father died when he was 13…and the resulting anxiety was eased by prodigious reading…completed undergraduate at Waterloo, and masters in Economics at Cambridge…thoughts of PhD, but work apparently too theoretical. This man a practical bent.

We have published Cognitive Memory tips…and it seems that intense concentration and a deployment of just such tricks…to retain knowledge…not only short term, but, if wished, by repetition of recall, then easier into the long term memory…for ultimate retrieval. Quiz show environment demonstrates just such attributes. I personally believe that ‘memory’ to be contrasted from computer type functioning of, for example, mathematics…an attribute of Stephen Hawking…but in the end, even Math means knowledge of process, and once mastered long term, effectiveness of function often by simple practice. Lessons Brain Health!