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Wim Hof Iceman…How?


Saw BBC documentary: Wim Hof Iceman…How! His physical shape ‘at least’ 30 years younger…conquered Everest…and many have perished attempting! BUT climbed just in shorts, effectively naked. Withstood ‘hypothermia’…loss of body heat with core temperature so low, death quickly results. He has run hot deserts, with extreme water deprivation, intense heat issues…and successfully fought ‘hyperthermia’! Charismatic… leadership qualities…’cultish’, but remarkable achievements in past attributed to his genetic ‘personal’ anomaly…BUT NOW he has RECREATED qualities in others with training. AND allowed scientific assessment that has proven this validity.

With amazement, seen this ability to train, prepare, and lead others with breathing techniques and exposure to freezing immersions. Essentially, it is graduated exposure, using deep breathing exercises that hyper-oxidizes the body. It is almost euphoric condition of hyperventilating, but with a controlled disciplinary approach that conditions the body to these extremely cold conditions. The point is well made, that one cannot just simply walk out in subzero conditions and expect to get away with impunity, and survive! I have included an additional YouTube reference to the BBC documentary, it is fascinating. BUT there are two undeniable considerations: First superb leadership of Wim. He is more than just a knowledgeable mentor…he creates the determination to succeed. Second… training to undergo this hardship.

Analysis…back to Paleolithic analysis…basic principles! Wim Hof Iceman…How!

Our bodies cosseted, subject to conditions dramatic distance from just our forbears…back severals of millions years. Manner DNA allows expression, depends upon environmental impact. Ultra Violet from Sunlight in Africa understood! The ‘cold’ could be heat, sunlight, or other extremes. Seems extremity equates to survival, that counts. Fighting with every might, to avoid destruction, or for food…struggling for protection at night…as darkness for survival particularly dangerous, small momentary lapse fatal!…rapid, sometimes extreme, and continual movement for that survival, whether attack or avoid significant…Wim RECREATES extremisms to body. Ironically, personally suffer cold showers! Build up graduated, point of natural DNA expression…hormonal, chemical, enzyme or otherwise. Remarkable!

MUST…extreme conditions key…BUT first understanding disciplines outlined this WEB…SHOULD similarly ENABLE…resulting, similarly, in lifesaving, longevity DNA EXPRESSION. But ultimately discipline IS always required! SO…with discipline and determination…’challenge’ our bodies. To quote Wim: “…bringing me back to inner nature the way it was meant to be…” Wim Hof Iceman…How!