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Vitamin C Helps Heart Health?

The Anti-Aging Formula with Vitamin C
The Anti-Aging Formula with Vitamin C

Vitamin C, historically a grossly overlooked and underestimated vitamin. See Articles respecting Captain Cook! But Vitamin C may also help to avoid LDL particle breakdown. This is personally interesting as am focused on that magic wand to reverse calcification and sclerosis…and there seems to be a connection. Additionally, bonus, Vitamin C accelerates antioxidant fight against DNA free radical damage in our cells…a great help for Longevity! Really comes down to Mitochondrial health and support, with functional clean up protocols within our cellular framework. Just to reiterate and slightly digress…the other combination factors helping: exercise, right diet, particularly right ratios of protein (not too much) fats (good fats and plenty of them) and reduced sugar/carbohydrate/fructose intake, coupled with some ketosis from time to time…BUT this to highlight Vitamin C and Calcification. Vitamin C Helps Heart Health?

There is linear correlation between Vitamin C and glutathione levels in our bodies. Personally emphasise that co-collaborative mix Vitamin D3, with ALA or Alpha Lipoic acid, K2, and coenzyme Q10. Then for an added plus:  sound Omega 3s… best from Krill oil, Wild Salmon, Sardines, (fast swimming and less toxins!)…and besides Calcium…cheese eaters naturally ingest…make sure there is enough Magnesium…an element nearly all in our society with it’s restrictive salads and vegetables are severely short! This combination is a formula with the co-enzyme Q10  and the ALA acting like a catalyst. ADD ‘some’ (care not too much and without alcohol in the mix!) natural sunlight, and optimal spectra of Infra Reds..! While talking supplements, that Vitamin C seems integral, good complements such as Chlorella and full spectrum Bs including B12 are also good as large percentage of our human race also seem chronically short!

Mitochondria, that the world is slowing discovering has something to do with aging!!!  Anything we can do to stimulate glutathione production which is known to depress with age…will be a bastion against aging! (Hint: Vitamin C)But nevertheless also Vitamin C Helps Heart Health?

In summary, the qualities we need are multi-frontal…fine-tuning our diet, exercise but also how we exercise, all the items we discuss about on this website. Its simple but not so simple! This Blog tries to make it straight-forward with digestible written bites….but in this sound bite….an emphasis of not forgetting Vitamin C…Linus Pauling probably right all along! Vitamin C Helps Heart Health?