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HIIT Exercise Prevents Telemere Shortening!

HIIT Exercise Prevents Telemere Shortening!
HIIT Exercise Prevents Telemere Shortening!

Liz Parrish, founder and CEO of BioViva, a biotech company specializing in antiaging therapies. She became her company’s first patient. A tough standard epitomized by her comment: “If you don’t look young, you’re not young,”! Parish has used gene therapy to lengthen her telomeres and with a biological age reversal result! According to BioViva scientists, her biological age in fact has reversed considerably. These kinds of gene therapies are illegal for human use in most Western countries. It is interesting that Parrish had to receive her treatments in Colombia…But also it is really noteworthy that many “progressive therapies” are similarly outlawed, and have in mind Stem Cell Therapy, even though the patient is fully informed, consents, and there is a research basis for the procedure. HIIT Exercise Prevents Telemere Shortening!

Problem with stem cells is FDA somewhat arbitrary and an almost impossibility consequential classification that our body cells equate somehow to the same footing as drugs! This, whether the cells come from ourselves!…or/and of particular concern, based on religious origins it seems, whether the cells are umbilical and/or amniotic in origin! Ironic, when literally some 800 research papers of august and intelligent origins/institutions, (at the moment seems that nearly every university in the US is involved one way or another with Stem Cell research!) raise the potential efficacy and viability of stem cells! To see educated and skilled surgeons, with…to take an example, a history of emergency room surgery and then plastic surgery specialization, actually arrested, handcuffed, and treated visually and by bureaucratic statements almost barbarically as criminals is mind bending! The FDA has enormous powers, and once bureaucracy starts ‘walking’…it seems to walk through the brick walls of logical thought! Stem Cells could herald the dawn of a new medical eraa fast acceptance of its incredible viability could literally save North America from a medical financial disaster as just a few ailments such as Alzheimer’s can literally break the medical bank…and soon! think of that prescient looming number of 5 billion Alzheimer’s sufferers…let alone their families and loved ones! Bureaucracy…which includes numerous agencies, their agencies including ultimately the actuality or fear of effective policing and legal sanction, is an effective anchor of retrenchment. Amazingly this malaise could dawn new medicinal thought and application to the province of countries such as China…unfettered by religious, bureaucratic dogma, all of which ironically suppressed by authoritarian rule! …but nevertheless hungry to spearhead and ‘capitalize’ (to coin a dichotomy of phrase!) on huge academic advances such in Stem Cells…much provided by North American research. But respecting Liz Parrish it seems anyway: HIIT Exercise Prevents Telemere Shortening! Liz Parrish…this brave woman, selected a differing, but allied subject…that is worth contrasting! Personally am not as enamored or yet convinced with her selected passport to youth area…do not like the trade off with risk of cancer, albeit somewhat reduced that seems to be message from animal studies! It is a fine line! The YouTube referenced discusses this from research in Spain! But admire her guts and determination. But the more that personally see of this kind of wholehearted decision and implementation the more is realization of the utter importance of that  seemingly rare but necessary inductive oversight spanning many disciplines of research! It’s so easy to have blinkers and almost operate in a vacuum! Telomeres were discovered in the 1930s!.. shorthand summary: body cells each contains nucleus…inside are chromosomes that contain our genes. Chromosomes have two arms, each with single molecule DNA…which contain what looks like a string of beads made up of units or bases. Usual DNA molecule is about 100 million bases long, this ‘slinky’ (with that curving, bending look…hearkens back to Nobel Prize winner Crick of 1960s at Cambridge!) form extending from one chromosome end to other…BUT at extreme tip of each arm is the telomere. Alexey Olovnikov in 1973 discovered that telomeres shorten with their time in our body…because they fail to replicate perfectly each time the cell divides! Thus process of aging means shorter telemeres!At ground zero, or birth, telomere have 15,000 bases of length…once telomeres are reduced to about 5000 bases one usually dies of old age! Reason Liz Parrish has seized the converse concept of reversaleven with any risk inherent in the realm she has selected…is worth it for longevity!

In 1984 an Orwellian discovery…from University California San Francisco by Elizabeth Blackburn Ph.Dthat enzyme telomerase has ability to lengthen telomeres and received Nobel prize 2009 along with others for how chromosomes are protected by both telomeres and telomerase. This is the essence of Liz Parrish approach. BUT then in following March of the very next year in the studies called Mechanisms of Aging and DevelopmentNOW WOW!…a direct association was shown between reduced telomere shortening and high intensity type exercise for older persons!! HIIT Exercise Prevents Telemere Shortening!

This without the need for that risk that Liz Parrish has subjected herself to! A gift as it were for free! With one important requirement …you just have actually exercise! The view of this Blog is parallel to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s view…the HIIT need only be accomplished twice a week! Some exercise otherwise can still provide a Nictric Oxide dump for each day…but the intensity twice a week will accomplish that telomere job! This British accented video is an exercise length of 30 minutes personally believe 20 is quite enough and broken into 30 second HIIT say eight times during that period…but you have to be fit to start! HIIT Exercise Prevents Telemere Shortening!