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Importance Refeeding Muscles AFTER Workout?

Importance Refeeding Muscles AFTER Workout?
Importance Refeeding Muscles AFTER Workout?

I have to admit that even I am remiss.  I have a wide vocabulary on the latest research on health and longevity at my disposal but have overlooked that extra vital step of refeeding muscle to avoid muscle wastage.

What does “Refeeding Muscles” mean? To recap and recall, we now understand that exercise during Fasting provides real extracellular help when achieved from HIIT and HIST. Plus an extra boost can also be obtained by using Heat Shock Proteins. This is the use of heat from a Sauna and even contrasting with cold shock, from, for example, a cold shower of a couple of minutes!

Timing of refeeding muscles is vital for muscular health.

Why the importance of the Refeeding step?
It is the prevention of muscle breakdown which can result from the inadvertent overlooking of the precise timing to ‘Protect and Refeed our Muscles’.
Not only to protect them from gradual disintegration but to actually rebuild!
This is important for everyone but particularly for anyone over 45 years!
Remember the Aging process even starts in the 30s! BUT IT IS OF paramount importance for Oldies! Yet beware because that group is vulnerable when movement involved…so go carefully!

Take me for example, heading into my 80th. birthday! What is supremely important? It’s all those items that uniquely present from exercise in an overnight fasted state.

PLUS protection of my muscles from inadvertent wasting!

First Reason ‘Fasting Exercise’ (an exercise regimen while in a fasted state):

This directly affects neurological health big time.

The type and extent of exercise is also important.

I advocate much shorter-term HIIT. And also the application of HIST to complete muscle exhaustion or breakdown.

Have a review of all my blogs as to benefits in as little as twelve minutes for one session! It is the avoidance of time-consuming cardio. This is minimally twenty-plus minutes! But does not provide the right metabolic picture anyway!

Then couple this, as I suggested above, with the Rhonda Patrick application of Heat and even Cryotherapy. All this producing Heat Shock and Cold Shock Proteins!

Ideally, you need a gym with a sauna. A steam room can work but remember you are breathing a lot of water and maybe even chlorine and toxins. So I prefer to err on the side of the sauna! But this is a ‘cherry’. If the sauna is not there a switch from warm shower water to cold is eminently feasible?!

If you want that feeling of real heat then yell Finnish word: löyly! You purse your lips for the umlaut and wait for the short blast of heat as water thrown on the heated sauna rocks!

Now all this is excellent SO FAR! But unless you pay attention to an almost precise refeeding point, your muscles may suffer and actually breakdown perceptibly over time! This has dawned on me!

The negative result?

Less body fat perhaps, but also less muscle over time.

It can be fatal to the elderly. As we age, muscle control and balance start to fail and become even more important! Falling down is to be avoided!

Ideally one should start to condition before entering their 70th decade.

I always remember my mother who underwent relatively routine hospitalization with sedation.

After the procedure, she tried to get up without supervision and no monitoring! This resulted in a fall and ultimately what became a fatal hip fracture!


To trigger muscle rejuvenation, we need to initiate muscle breakdown. This signals satellite cells in muscle to convert into new muscle cells.

This can be done by combining intermittent fasting with short intense exercise or weight training.

SOLUTION…Organic Whey Powder! My personal routine.

Consume a helping of Whey Protein about ONE HOUR after a workout.  My own preference is WHEY from California Organic Farms.

This will help to activate mTOR and help the substrate to build muscle. Additionally, some HEALTHY CARBOHYDRATES can further contribute to mTOR activation and muscle growth.

But check with your physician that you are up to these shock contrasts! Indeed up to the whole routine!

BUT Importance Refeeding Muscles AFTER Workout? If the workout intense, YES!