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United Airlines Target Medicine!


We all understand the risks of flying! It’s a stressful event anyway, but exacerbated by airport security, the need not refrain from being light about inspection…never utter controversial or light comment, otherwise sidetracked…worries volumes of liquids, confiscation of bottles, foods, even water drinks…concern about the usual, almost impossible luggage weight, and then ‘size’ of carry on!…whether to go along with surveillance microwaves, health wise!…cooperation the lesser of all evils! In the end it’s a stressful compromise! The flight itself…the raw risks of actually flying these days…and the added stress of East West compared to North South, and Circadian Rhythms. Even the exposure to radiation during flight itself. Now…thank goodness smoking is prohibited…but personally remember trying to select seats as far as possible from smokers, and usually unsuccessfully! Really bad memories of second hand smoke!…Often the attitude of in-flight personnel is curt and rude…some forgiveness…as the luggage has to be loaded and people seated. The usually disastrous and unhealthy food…an issue…the sodas and coca-colas, including the diet drinks a nightmare to health…even the tomato juice loaded with sodium. Hydration and the need for frequent movement a continual challenge, as one climbs over other bodies if now travelling first class!

Imagine if one is finally seated before takeoff…and United Airlines trying to make a couple of seats available…they arbitrarily, and with stingy thinking, cut off the bidding at $800 and hotel room!…and resort to a primitive ejection method. BUT YOU are selected…you have patients who critically need to see you…their lives possibly at stake. United Airlines Target Medicine! The price to you to remain far more than the $800!

Suddenly, thugs in the name of authority, coupled with implied airport official approval, hit you like a bomb. You are literally brutalized in the name of official self-satisfied enforcement…and dragged from the plane! United Airlines Target Medicine!

In Canada, with our parsimonious court award system… that ignores the actual real cost of litigation or emotional trauma…a few thousand dollars…no loss of earnings here!…but as stark contrast…in the United States, United Airlines a target for some million$ of damages, exemplary, punitive, and triple…and a jury’s internalized fury! Then the millions upon millions of $s lost revenue, worldwide…already Chinese censorship…What shortsighted management, and how to brutalize an innocent person, and destroy a company instantly! United Airlines Target Medicine!