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Northwest March Sunshine Disaster

Northwest March Sunshine Disaster
Northwest March Sunshine Disaster

Vancouverites, in Canada, usually lamenting Rain, discover ‘March’, besides breaking rain records…29.6 millimetres…was one of ‘grayest’ months ever! A mere 70.5 hours sunshine, compared to usual twice that number. Environment Canada called March 2017 the gloomiest on record, since the weather service began tracking data in 1951! What does this mean healthwise? Are our Washington State and British Columbia residents, helpless victims, of what may be results of Climate Change fundamentals? Irony…that rest North America, because of our new found lifestyle of hiding indoors…work hours, car commute, laziness, millennials and youth fixation with ‘screens’, urban car dependent layout!…is just as bad off…BECAUSE they consequently hide from the sun!  Negative Health Results are the same! But nevertheless…in Northwest March Sunshine Disaster!

I look upon Photomodulation…and technically this is the magic arena…as cutting edge therapy for all kinds of metabolic health issues caused by the likes of NorthWest March Sunshine Disaster!

We generally twigged to a concept that sun exposure perhaps is not all bad. Unfortunately through ignorance, most of the benefits as immediately dissipated by overexposure, alcohol, or for those with dark skin, even under exposure! In a nutshell, Vitamin D is critical for our Health…one of the easiest to grasp…it represents a DNA expression, that we no doubt have inherited long before paleolithic times! Our largest organ in our body…the skin…has the capacity to utilize the sun, which otherwise conceptually represents a toxic radiating impact on this world of ours…that ‘life’ has adapted to, and utilized in a myriad of manners! The full understanding of the biochemistry demonstrates huge potential for mitochondrial health. This ultimately, at the cellular level, can mean incredible strides against the already Health Disasters of Alzheimer’s, and associated Metabolic nightmares of Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer.

Sunlight contains two vital features…UltraViolet…we are generally familiar, but also InfraRed. It is the additional harnessing of the correct InfraRed spectrums that is VITAL. The PLUS? For this component, I am not asking you to get up and jog at 6.00 am!… although I encourage a spectrum approach for health! One just relaxes for a few minutes a day, and, presto, a quantum leap in health. Now…this also applies to our indoor cousins down South! Keep reading! NorthWest March Sunshine Disaster!