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Aging Parallels Mitochondrial Aging!

Dr Otto Warburg - Aging Parallels Mitochondrial Aging
Dr Otto Warburg - Aging Parallels Mitochondrial Aging

There is an excellent book out…. “Tripping Over the Truth: The Return of the Metabolic Theory of Cancer…..” by Travis Christofferson. He has intellectually analysed “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” written by Thomas N.Seyfried, which argues a non-genetic origin for cancer. This caused Christofferson to delve into the results of  the Cancer Genome Atlas, multiple times larger than the Human Genome Project. Objective: to make sense out of cancer cell mutations. He references Dr. Otto Warburg, MD, PhD, the 1931 Nobel prize winner for medicine, who discovered a different metabolism in cancer cells. Warburg, incidentally a personal friend of brilliant dyslexic Albert Einstein, like Linus Pauling, won two Nobel prizes, the last in 1944, but was prevented by Hitler from personally attending Stockholm. Aging Parallels Mitochondrial Aging!

Warburg maintained cause of cancer anaerobic ‘fermentation’ in the presence of oxygen, with indirect toxic lactic acid production. Brilliant discovery of DNA by Crick in 1953, resulting in Nobel Prizes for him and others in 1962, including American, Watson, based from my university, Cambridge, England, an ironic setback. Remember Francis Crick and mews where he had ‘digs’! From that point  ‘genetics and mutations’ ruled the roost. But a problem…statistical inferences and mutation analysis appears unworkable! Even Watson rejected a DNA approach, despite his Nobel prize….he reverted to a metabolic explanation and ridiculed. Warburg also DISCOUNTED until after his death in 1970. BUT HOW TO USE ALL THIS! Excites me, with PRE-PALEO KNOWLEDGE: we have inherited epigenetic response abilities and CAN utilize for LONGEVITY. Aging is deterioration of our mitochondrial function! All born out by Travis Christofferson stating that….”mitochondrial health is correlated to the health of the entire organism….” This Blog explains not only the WHY but HOW we can seize this knowledge and ALLOW ourselves LONGEVITY!

For successful ketosis, paleolithic gift, cells must be healthy. Cancer cells cannot burn fat, clue to successful cancer treatment?!..Dr. Young Ko, who was at Johns Hopkins, may have unraveled this paradox using Warburg thinking! Aging Parallels Mitochondrial Aging!

Overproduction of lactic acid, and a devious method by which cancer cells circumvent their toxic result, is something Dr. Young Ko has seized upon. She surely will implement an effective and economic treatment as a result, a NOBEL PRIZE winner in the making!