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Four Minute Workout Solution & Mistake!

Four Minute Workout Solution & Mistake!
Four Minute Workout Solution & Mistake!
My point that we can so easily undo all the good of that early morning workout:
When we then sit still for the remainder of the day.
The nightmare of modern societal living and working!
Personally I drive a good HIIT workout early morning. Then always run the risk of wasting it by sitting around for more than 6 hours!
Today for instance is a typical example. Short walk to the car to drive to lunch, and then from parking and back, that means all of a minute or two connected to a midday break.

Nitric Oxide but not Nitrous Oxide used by dentists!

  • The Nitric Oxide Dump workout stimulates your body’s release of nitric oxide (NO), improving your mitochondrial health, slowing down age-related muscle decline and boosting heart health
  • It involves just four movements — squats, alternating arm raises, non-jumping jacks and shoulder presses — which are done in repetitions of 10, with four sets each
  • The workout takes just three or four minutes and should be repeated three times a day, with a minimum of two hours between sessions.

We sit an average of 13 hours a day in North America. Then sleep for an average of eight say. This means possible sedentary 21 hours of the day!

Our bodies function best when we are active more than not:
By breaking up day with bursts of activity, we reap great rewards.
NO is produced inside your endothelial cells from the amino acid L-arginine. Where it acts as an important signaling molecule throughout your body.
Along with promoting healthy endothelial function and heart health, NO supports healthy blood flow by helping your veins and arteries dilate.
NO also plays a protective role in your mitochondrial health. This is the energy storehouse of your cells, responsible for the utilization of energy for all metabolic functions.
When you exercise, it takes only about 90 seconds for your blood vessels to run out of stored nitric oxide and begin the process of making more.
“So working each major muscle group out for 90 seconds,” says Dr. Zach Bush, “gives you the most efficient workout to tone and build muscles.