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Sensational Mick Jagger Supercharged Health!

Sensational Mick Jagger Supercharged Health!
Sensational Mick Jagger Supercharged Health!

Mick Jagger is 75, not just sensational, but inspirational in so many ways!  

Past spat with Queen, who, shocked at his lifestyle, shunned personally giving his Knighthood in 2003.

Then Elizabeth 2 issues:

Mick’s numerous children and extended family. But an extended family surely a trait of the Royal Family!
Add to this his early drug use, including heroin, But by 2003 he had long forsworn drugs. Really he is an example of an incredible turnaround in lifestyle!
Some irreverent remarks as to an entrenched British establishment. But that really snobbish and assuming upper class unfortunately our beloved Queen epitomizes!
She also detested his reckless lifestyle, including multiple partners of all sexes. This included now deceased David Bowie! 
But penetrate that fog and see the reasons for his success and longevity:
His rock concerts literally pumped with action
Great music, and incredible dancing. This man is flexible, bouncy, explosive and each concert a fantastic workout.
Jagger after a performance equivalents a twelve mile run.
He is also an emotionally catching high, both for Jagger and audience. Often his extended family there, afterwards in large numbers monopolizing and playing havoc in some exclusive or trendy restaurant. 

My comments:

Exercise, and intense HIIT integral to Jagger life. Further satisfaction of building his own music, business, and family empire.

I see in similar smaller way a personal physical, with pouted lips and wizzened face, lifestyle resemblance!

But one missing link, despite the high powered Norje Eike Norwegian trainer for past 25 years, is beyond ‘merely’ ketosis, being actual Fasting!

When it comes to family he is generous, but as I also perversely display, he has a skinflint approach sometimes. This I attribute, not negatively, but to his upbringing of looking after the pennies. This is part of his fight to the top!

Mick’s fitness: 
This five foot ten man, maintains his 28 inch waist. He weighs in at 160 pounds. 
Works out three hours a day mostly and for some 25 years! Even runs 8 miles on off days! 
Training pushes extreme including aerial exercises. It is Hormesis in living action! 
Further his diet organic and vegetable geared with little or no alcohol and no drugs. Thanks to Jerry Hall his first model wife. He has an almost ideal balance diet of Fats to Low Carbs and Restricted Proteins!  
Mick’s Stress:
He has known severe grief. Example his close fashion friend Wren Scott who took her own life. But No Chronic stress from lack of money and resources.
Alcohol & Drugs:
Again He has Jerry Hall to thank for that conversion!
I doubt that anyone has tipped him off about his stem cells and how to really additionally turbocharge his youth and vitality with Fasting! Although all his other modalities seem to be working to their optimum!