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Revolutionary Canadian Food Guide BUT Deceptive!

Revolutionary Canadian Food Guide BUT Deceptive!
Revolutionary Canadian Food Guide BUT Deceptive!
Today the New Canadian Food Guide updated and dramatically for healthy eating! Does away with past groups, and eliminates sizes, The new icon above is now a plate. Meaning today we have three official groups:
Fruits and Vegetables for half of the three! Other half split between Whole Grains, and Proteins.
Not about portions but proportions!
Proteins combines Meat &Dairy AND Plant Based, such as tofu and chickpeas.
Meat and Dairy de-emphasized, and I say finally!
This means lower risk for cardio vascular, colon cancer and type 2 diabetes.
Clear that shift from meats and dairy fought vigorously by the meat industry.
example Alberta Beef Producers crying even ‘danger’ to health!
and Dairy Farmers of Canada citing ‘detrimental health for future generations’!
Water is now the major theme for proper Hydration.
and removal of sugar and alcoholic beverages.
But means no longer those fruit juice drinks full of fructose
and a realistic warning to the “new substitute tobacco industry for profit” being the “alcohol industry for profit”

The beverage industry must have lobbied hard. But Coca Cola still retains that false image of health with their dietary and zero products. And no doubt will continue to image themselves of Olympian and associated positive health!

Alcohol specifically zeroed in and targeted as providing:
much in calories for negative diet, with little to no nutrition.
but now they link alcohol to an increase in certain types of cancer, including liver and dangerous oesophageal.

Processed foods a negative, particularly muffins, hot dogs, frozen pizza, chocolate, and sodas! A real plus is cook more often and enjoy your food and eat meals with others! In other words a more communal, less isolated, healthy approach to eating.

But our Canadian Government has significantly failed by obvious trade off or ‘deal’ with two industries, DAIRY and CANOLA:
advice to drink ‘two glasses of milk per day’
and consume ‘two tablespoons of Canola Oil every day’!

What is this except direct PANDERING to:

1) the Dairy Industry, and demonstration of the power of Quebec Dairy farmers, who produce about 50% of dairy in Canada.

2) Canola recommendation catering to agricultural lobby. No doubt largely Genetically Engineered, full of Glyphosate, and Pesticides, Toxins. But anyway, an oil to avoid. Just check the oils I recommend and why!