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Sauteed Fava Beans with Olive Oil

Sauteed Fava Beans with Olive Oil
Sauteed Fava Beans with Olive Oil

We eat generally too much protein, and in North America this comes mainly in the form of red meats and chicken. To offset a continual over consumption, it’s important to mentally ration the grams of protein. A good rule of thumb is to literally always, at least, halve the portions of steak for instance. Unfortunately there seems to be a connection between colon cancer and the growing over consumption of meats…but that is really an aside…the formula we should aim for…particularly after say 35, is about 60% good fats, and then say 20% for the other two categories of protein and carbohydrates. But if I was to choose between those two, I would favor limiting proteins over carbs! With respect to the fats…make them good fats: avocado…if you make a smoothie, use the pips!…olive oil…but it is a cold fat! Great for salads…and my other favorite Coconut Oil…If frying high temperatures, do not use Olive oil…butter is good in this respect, as does not break down!

In Uganda colon cancer almost unheard of. The population eats plenty of fiber, which I favour anyway, and originally thought was the reason. BUT they also eat a lot of plant based phytonutrients which are found in beans, chickpeas, lentils and split peas and quinoa. Fava beans, favoured in North Africa, fits this category. Phytates are found in phytonutrients. These ‘non nutrients’ are powerful inhibitors of iron-mediated hydroxyl radicals associated with meat consumption and a recent Danish/Finnish study suggests a threefold lower Finish incidence of colon cancer. This is a bonus in the meat department!

This recipe of Sauteed Fava Beans with Olive Oil again provides a tasty balance for that coin.

Serving for two:-
Open medium sized Fava can (I hate cans!)…or far better, soak overnight enough for cup from raw Fava Beans, and wash in cold water using sieve. Mash or blend briefly in blender, with three table spoons of olive oil, half teaspoon of mustard and half teaspoon of vinegar.

Heat coconut oil in frying pan, and sautee for three to four minutes. The pan fried pliable blend, then place on serving plate, flavour with pepper and Himalayan salt, squeeze over with half a lemon, generously sprinkle with cumin powder to taste. Enjoy!