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Phil Michelson Super Fasting Regimen!

Phil Michelson Super Fasting Regimen!
Phil Michelson Super Fasting Regimen!

‘Lefty’ Phil Mickelson now has a fasting concept and attributes it to ‘resetting’ his game. He is claiming going without food for some six days! Well I find it difficult enough to go four and a half days so I thought I would take a scrutiny!

The ‘flaw’ was immediately apparent, this is a water fast but ‘backed’ by his now commercial product of a special coffee blend that he himself has concocted with the aid of his coach!

Once through the six days of this coffee blend and water only supposedly you get a hard reset and as a result his game immediately improves!

I have now looked at the concept and realize that this has element of Valter Longo’s Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)!

The Almond Milk, Manuka Honey, and Protein Powder no doubt violate the carefully crafted calories of the FMD, landing squarely in the rough!

But it all sounds pretty good! What I like are the Ethiopian beans and the MCT oil.

The Himalayan pink sea salt is also a wise choice as I do believe this offsets potential shocks of sudden restricted diets and water fasts!

Apparently all these ingredients are available in Whole Foods and they are not cheap! I’m sure however that you could find variations of these at your local grocer or nutritional outlet store.


The directions of Phil were simple: Upon waking, drink 16 oz. of water. Brew 12-16 oz. of coffee and blend all ingredients. Down it quickly, then drink only water the rest of the day, somehow smiling throughout. His coach explains the first two days are brutal but thereafter gets easier!

Phil is high on the antioxidants in the coffee and makes the comment: “The coffee I sent you could be the healthiest thing you’ll ever put in your body”.

It does not matter who you are and even more if you have never ‘fasted’ before, you are going to still find the regimen very tough.

It’s restricted eating ‘powered up’ and really I caution against jumping into this one!

Believe one has to ‘gradually adapt’ and also seek medical advice particularly if on any medication! Remember my monologue, no good for pregnant women and children! But my articles are full of this kind of caution! Phil Michelson Super Fasting Regimen!