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Charming Naomi Whittel On Autophagy & Longevity.

Charming Naomi Whittel On Autophagy & Longevity.
Charming Naomi Whittel On Autophagy & Longevity.

Naomi Whittel is interviewed here about Autophagy. She describes herself as an autoimmune sufferer. Indeed it was longtime!

Humiliated when she was ditched at the age of 14 for a school dance by a teenager who saw her acne! Her family has always been supportive and are believers in natural ingredients, but she had to go through a metamorphosis that only culminated at 30 years of age. The story is sad as she thought she was finally getting help from an acupuncturist but ingredients he recommended, although providing temporary progress, ultimately put her into a serious deficit health position.

She only found out years later that those ingredients were extremely toxic and were a consideration for her intended pregnancy.

I have listened to her various YouTubes, followed her development. Autophagy she believes in, and believes there are various ‘stages’ that are triggered by lifestyle and diet.

After seeing her interview with in 2018, I notice that she fully understands true water fasting that is a much longer period than Intermittent Fasting.

She deploys various techniques to achieve Autophagy on an almost continuous state. Autophagy in Greek means Self Eating. This is an apt description. Because of her age she does not dwell on the dramatic effects for ‘Longevity’!

But also surprisingly Mercola seems to bypass Longevity emphasis although he has interviewed Dr. Valter Longo whom I believe to be the premier researcher respecting longevity.

Impact and implementation of that research respecting Longevity may be obscured by the Cancer curing symbiosis with Fasting.

Personally, and I am older by some margin to Mercola, and am fully aware. For Dr. Valter Longo, recognizes Autophagy positives.

But is now fully involved in the symbiotic beneficial effect on those suffering from Cancer.

I have just finished a four and half day water fast and can fully appreciate his concern to achieve fasting for his patients without the extreme issues of total food deprivation! Consequently his fasting mimicking diet or FMD.

Prevention of disease was Aristotle’s first mandate. Today’s physicians are sorely missing in this respect, no doubt because of their limited relevant training. Positively this is slowly turning around, and the now public fascination with ‘Keto’ is part of that growing realization. Charming Naomi Whittel On Autophagy & Longevity.