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Menopause Struggle, Is Legal Profit Ethical?

Menopause Struggle, Is Legal Profit Ethical?
Menopause Struggle, Is Legal Profit Ethical?

Recently reading chapter in Sweetness of Simple Life, really astute. About Hormones of Attraction changing at Menopause! Apart from Time, Marriage is most Precious thing to most humans! This creates and initiates our tribe. And few really understand the importance of this long game in the face of a legal system and society that choose what others say is the easy way out… divorce. In the face of menopause struggles, is legal profit ethical?

Fertile stage, Egg of woman, just one sprig of DNA, meets sperm of man with other DNA sprig.
New double Helix. Just look at Kings and Queens of past, who lose kingdoms and even their heads!

Recent movie release Mary Queen of Scots (video below) shows All, at this stage of life is driven by sexual pleasures producing endorphins! These capable of even of producing addictions.

BUT THEN COMES The Marriage Menopause stage:
One or both partners loose sexual interest.
Women lose reproductive capacity.
Men often go bald, become couch potatoes, or even choose child brides and care for children they may never see as adults.
Some women affected drastically. With anger, angst, and anxiety.
Mutual lack of understanding often sadly causes separation and divorce.
The fixation of State exacerbates, with their often complicated and resulting incomprehensible Divorce laws. Coupled with their multi legal interpretations, and renowned Legal Avarice, its their livelihood!
Married Couples, or even ‘deemed married’ by State, really should remain together from their heritage of love, now shockingly driven even to hate. BUT their solace and counsel becomes their lawyer!
Better someone sympathetically understanding the consequent brilliant biology of survival of our species and the WHY of Menopause.
Reasons for change:
Estrogen drop is a protective shield for women at life cycle time when rates of problem births are rapidly increase.
This Estrogen drop is a biochemical message to the reproductive system to take a permanent holiday.

So called legal protection just trades off an unending nightmare of confusing cases and statutes.

It is time for man and woman to ferment a new form of security.

The security of being cherished!

Gradually Memory and Attention spans return if affected, Headaches disappear, Frustration, Impatience, and Anger abates, and there becomes a new balance and harmony.
Best news is that two people age better than one, and the children thrive.

We are all caught at this tide at some point. But, how to avoid the onslaught of DIVORCE LAWYERS INSTINCTIVELY encouraging disintegration and destruction to our family financial detriment? ALL DRIVEN, no doubt unconsciously, with focus for their instinctive lucrative advancement.

ANSWER: Perhaps they should be ethically bound to FIRST refer to REPUTABLE MARRIAGE COUNSELOR.