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HIIT & HIST with or without Gyms!

HIIT & HIST with or without Gyms!
HIIT & HIST with or without Gyms!

Already discussed a Trend Away from Gyms…but it could be slow.

But the more one understands the cellular metabolism that keeps us healthy and hopefully young…by arresting effects causing aging…the more realization that gyms maybe have their place, but are not critical to this optimization of health!

Impact of Dr. Doug McGuff concept of HIST.
For effectiveness and ease for deployment of super slow movement is probably best deployed where gym resistant machines are easily available and amount of weights to be deployed predetermined, so that a fast circuit is accomplished…as it’s important to be panting!..
BUT albeit only perhaps for once a week!! If a gym is not available then there are sets of exercises, that if handled with McGuff advice in mind.
slow movements to fatigue point for any set of muscles…excellent non-gym substitute. Especially important if travelling, on vacation in locations where gyms not available or impracticable…with unfamiliar equipment and so on…it takes time to work out near maximum weights!
If one achieves that right balance all sorts of benefits inure.
Interestingly protein brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) usually low in depressed persons, and exercise will counter by stimulating protein FNDC5 that triggers BDNF production.
Also BDNF helps preserve existing brain cells and activates brain stem cells to convert into new neurons…in other words to grow the brain!! This, together with for example Heat Shock Protein (HSP) parallels to Stem Cell activation.

Irony that everything seems to reduce to the viability and activity of Stem Cells and DNA pathways and expressions that we inherently possess for Stem Cell awakening or activation!

Exercise generally good for mood, other words fighting ‘the blues and depression’..and with specific general benefit to the brain. This may in part be attributable to increased blood flow

Also the release from exercise of naturally of mood-boosting chemicals such as endorphinsNorepinephrine and dopamine, help to buffer stress.

As usual multiple modules that should always be deployed
and not least the importance of sleep…that strength training improves quality of sleep. Seems North Americans have caught on to aerobic exercising…perhaps about half qualify for the minimal weekly guidelines that are pretty minimal anyway!
But less that 25% qualify for same minimal guidelines for strength training…the importance of weights and particularly of HIST is really not subliminal to the population psyche.
BUT any exercise is better than no exercise!

Non availability of a gym is no excuse for continual exercise…be it HIIT or HIST…One’s own body weight is all that is needed for HIST.

Dr. Mercola’s instructor, Jill Rodriguez, has a great array of them with ever increasing intensity, be it Mountain climbers, burpees and variations of push-ups and pull-ups and squats.

The Nictric Oxide dumps two three times a day substitute for HIIT in the gym, but remember the subsequent interval of at least two hours!

Also if commenced early in the morning, always caution to have enough triggering protein of 30 grams for muscle accretion. Remember six hours of absence of non exercise movement from conclusion of a daily exercise routine… means most of the good is undone… continuous movement an essential!