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Cancer Challenge Mitochondrial Disease But Revolutionary?!

Cancer Challenge Mitochondrial Disease But Revolutionary?!
Cancer Challenge Mitochondrial Disease But Revolutionary?!

This interview with Dr. Thomas Seyfried is fascinating!

During Nazi era and into World War 2, ironic that Dr. Otto Warburg, of Jewish origins, personally owed his life to Hitler:

who paranoid about his health, particularly voice box! and possible cancer!
recognized as one of the most brilliant biochemists of the 20th century.
winning the Nobel Prize in 1931 for the discovery of metabolism of malignant cells.
he was both an MD and a Ph.D. as well as personal friends with Albert Einstein and many of the luminary brilliant scientists of his time.
The receiver of not just one Nobel Prize, but two Nobel Prizes. The problem being that wartime Germany meaning Hitler did not allow him to collect his second Nobel Prize by travelling to Sweden in 1944.
Dying in 1970 at the age of 86.  His fundamental thinking respecting cancer essentially being found far more mainstream correct with the passage of time. The fixation that cancer a genetic disease and the Crick euphoria that all is now well with the genetic understanding he Otto a survivor with time!
Dr. Peter Pedersen at Johns Hopkins taking up the torch of his research and thinking and followed in the third generation by Dr. Seyfried who is the subject of this interview by Dr. Mercola!

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) website, the first thing they say is cancer is a genetic disease caused by mutations.

So interesting to hear an acknowledgement that ultimately it is the condition of our Mitochondria that really determine an effective fight against cancer.
That so often the traditional therapies are killers of the patients. This can include Chemo and Radiation!
Often the major effort is not prevention but dealing with patients suffering from Cancer.
It could be that the body has a natural immune system that if not compromised can effectively fight an invasive cancer!
The best is by prevention, a concentration upon our Mitochondrial and Cellular Health.

But in essence, the optimal prevention is the most viability of ones cellular condition at any time!

A tremendous advance in this respect is derived from Fasting!
The dialogue between Mercola and Seyfried is somewhat humorous here
But this author really believes that a serious subjective conviction and belief is necessary.
that Fasting or Optimal fasting will indeed achieve a massive re-life for our Stem Cells and Mitochondria.
That translates into a massive achievement in fighting the horrors of Cancer whether as a prevention or as ongoing therapy, then much is achieved and indeed the five days pass quite quickly!

Seyfried says: Age is an Entrophy Disorder…if one can delay the entrophy then one extends the age!

Cancer itself is an accelerated entrophy.
Usually, it means that the homeostasis state is disturbed
An interesting aside that Alzheimer patients are hypometabolic and do not get cancer! This tends to prove this concept!
Cancer Challenge Mitochondrial Disease But Revolutionary?!