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Brown Fat Benefits!


Simplistically two types of fat…Most obvious: white fat…that which seems to be the bane of our new world society way of life…Deposits in ever increasing amounts around midriff. Prime issue with obesity, and issues of why there is an ever increasing ‘drum’ beat of gut deposit…resulting in our Obesity Crisis! The other is brown fat…technically known as brown adipose tissue, or BAT. Often found upper body between shoulder blades and neck region.

Now this brings me to my pet subject, and which is really a ‘never fail thinking structure’…and that is a DNA characteristic, not just a shallow recent paleollthic adjustment, for instance in last million years! But DNA characteristic both inherently and through expression…that developed some 150 millions of years ago! It is a survival mechanism for mammals to compensate for a potentially fatal temperature drop during birth from the womb to the world!  A very critical time when a huge number of implications are rampant, and often life enduring to the infant! It is a characteristic of effective and fast thermogenesis from fat burning, to maintain a relatively high body temperature, that is really enabled catalysis by BAT for this very survival purpose! Result: Brown Fat Benefits!

The process? It creates the rapid consumption of white fat through an immediate reaction to cold exposure. An immediate Result: Brown Fat Benefits!

Until decade ago, BAT thought redundant with adulthood. Adults more mass and create heat muscle shivering. Look at Ice Man Wim Hof, his ability to withstand freezing temperatures…somehow among his body’s physiological attributes that are fine tuned, I believe is rapid thermogenesis using BAT. But one must train and adapt, and as he descends into iceberg country, or walks shirtless up Mount Everest, or jumps into Amsterdam canal, it’s his human adaptation, and willing adjustment to extremes! Also an adjustment to lower room temperature over longer periods will have same result! Even more interesting is that spices, including chili, and broad vegetable spectrum, also nuts, also serve as sponsors for BAT activity! The Key!..Stimulate Brown Fat Benefits!