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Crushing Cancer Cure Suddenly Emerging?

Crushing Cancer Cure Suddenly Emerging?
Electron microscopy image of a cancer cell produced at the University of Basel(Credit:University of Basel, Swiss Nanoscience Institute/Biozentrum) 

This site repeatedly looks at the deviousness of cancer. In short it seems to love glucose and oxygen, But this formula may just be to choke that overwhelming appetite. Is the Crushing Cancer Cure Suddenly Emerging?

Now new research out of Switzerland may just be the last straw to break the back of the cancer cell.

Effectively, it can prevent cancer cell survival. This, cancer cleverly accomplishes by it’s continual creation of portals or exits to breathe and prevent asphyxiation.

Reasons Cancer Cells Devious:

Cancer cells are voracious, or extremely hungry.
They require a lot of energy to feed their highly charged metabolisms.
The University of Basel just come out with a drug cocktail to effectively put this process out of action by a smothering concept.
University of Basel, Switzerland discovery:
Molecular scientists find that a commonly used diabetes drug with with a 50-year-old hypertension medication inhibits tumor growth.
Named metformin and syrosingopine.
Scientists know former some anti-cancer properties, but only by mixing it with the latter, does it seem to have multiple meaningful effect.
Follow-up experiments shows this process slows cancer growth. Centers on a molecule called NAD+ that is central to converting nutrients into energy.
NAD+ is through two cellular pathways: One metformin blocker. The other pathway can also be shut down by syrosingopine’s ability to cause bottlenecks.
The metabolism of many cancer cells relies on a process called glycolysis, where they produce energy by breaking glucose down into lactate.
But if enough lactate builds up it causes blockages in this pathway, something the cancer cells respond to by expelling them through special transporters.
Syrosingopine’s anti-cancer effects, as it turns out, are due to an ability to put these transporters out of action.
Cellular death!
They describe this as an important discovery, because currently there are no drugs available that block those lactate-transporting pathways of the cancer cells.
These newfound abilities can lead to new cancer therapies that swiftly kill off deadly cells. As the scientists note, a second career for a drug that was developed in the 1950s for another purpose entirely.
The study has been published in the journal Cell Reports.


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