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Somatopause Deadly for Elderly!

Somatopause Deadly for Elderly!
Somatopause Deadly for Elderly!

But most of us have no idea what Somatopause means! Quick answer, it is ‘somatotropin’ or ‘Age Related Growth Hormone Deficiency’ (GHD)! Any the wiser! We have already talked ‘Exercise and Movement’ offsets Alzheimer’s’…this subject article is parallel thinking, but very specific, precise!

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is just about universal once we pass 30 years old! The downward curve is horrendous. As a result simple compensatory lifestyle adjustment is critical here…and dramatic results by offsetting Aging. Bonus…also helps negate Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Parallel to another offset ‘item’, and we should use as many as possible for a multiple effect! One that also can dramatically help with Anti Aging and Cognitive Decline..article to reference is discussion about Ubiquinol!

My frustration.

so many elderly can be helped, particularly in that seemingly hopeless and devastating arena of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.
but the message has to be disseminated and fast! This is an accelerating Western scourge that breaks sufferers, their families, and soon the entire medical systems that supposedly there to serve them!

Dr. Harvey Cushing discovered Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)somatotropin, almost 100 years ago…brilliance! But athletes unnecessarily chose to risk HGH by injection!

Better Key: our bodies must reach anaerobic threshold, then magic of our own Human Growth Hormone (HGH) release.

1. Hard to breathe or talk…oxygen debt..
2. Sweating…
3. Body temperature increase..
4. Lactic acid causing muscle burn! Bonus: cuts out long cardios! Net sprint only four mins. When starting: just three repetitions and work up to 8.

Key: become anaerobic…don’t negate positive effects! Therefore: 1. no fructose corn syrup drinks for thirst! 2. No fats before…preferably…in my book…eat nothing 2 hours before! (This is where partial fasting may have the edge!) 3. avoid anything for two hours after.

Some fine tuning here possible…some whey protein may offset muscle wasting but for maximum benefit it seems nothing! If you think about it the DNA legacy is there…even today children and wild animals do not run marathons and lift weights! they tend to move at high speeds for short intervals. Our DNA and DNA expression reflect this! BUT consuming fructose and sugars will increase somatostatin that just kills Human Growth Hormone HGH production!