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Photobiomodulation New Frontier!


Photobiomodulation New Frontier!..breakthrough really Michael Hamblin Ph.D., several decades research Harvard. Until recently, advent LED lights, application of laser photomodulation as a treatment process was coupled with caution! Brazil Olympics legally allowed enhancement from Photomodulation… guarded secret by top athletes! James Carroll expert photobiomodulation unit called NovoTHOR…US coach purchased great expense to optimize athletes’ performances and recoveries. Equipment sophisticated and frankly of little practical use for those wishing a healthy lifestyle…particularly for those families suffering consequences of Alzheimer’s. Key for them: as much saving as possible with effective offsets…reality all around us! Breakthrough I attribute to LED lights opposed to laser…provides tremendous Mitochondrial help.

Power of photobiomodulation jumps out listening to James Carroll address UN. My attention particularly focused on central nervous system disorders, from multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries, to Parkinson’s disease, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Latter two Michael Hamblin also particularly focused…Photobiomodulation New Frontier!

Medical profession almost totally uninformed and oblivious…not a drug!..not that medications have provided much positive hope yet severe risk to date! Ironically Michael Hamblin in one of his YouTubes actually demonstrates his own use of LED lights and the use of the optimal nanometer (nm) range…concludes that 700 nm no beneficial health effect in contrast to the mid 600s and 800s. Hamblin self confessed non athletic type, but certainly has optimized particularly his own brain health!..although beneficial byproduct and overall plus, present with improved mitochondrial health.

Mitochondrial dysfunction foundation for most chronic disease and somehow according to Carroll with his system the bond between nitric oxide and cytochrome c oxidase is broken, so that the body can restart properly consuming oxygen…(as he describes combining with NADH and electrons now pulsing from cytochrome C to Cytochrome oxidase again and one starts making ATP.) Appropriately the cause of constipated electron transport chain gone! and therefore one stops making too many reactive oxygen species (ROS) that lead to inflammation and cell death. ie. the light right wavelength and intensity right amount of time right intervals tips balance favourably!.. more ATP, less oxidative stress..people get better! Photobiomodulation New Frontier!