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Resveratrol ‘Fountain of Youth’

Resveratrol ‘Fountain of Youth’
Resveratrol ‘Fountain of Youth’

Some Reservation about Resveratrol!…but on balance looks better bet to me than red wine that is classically promoted for good health! Resveratrol ‘Fountain of Youth’…classic antioxidant…thus the fixation many a red wine advocate…contained in grape skins, many plants, pomegranates, mulberries, raw cacao…explains magic dark chocolate! These Polyphenols are result of Darwinian survival selection…in plants, with their paleolithic origins spanning millions years. They adapt and allow plant survival during ‘stress’… including ultraviolet light, climatic changes, catastrophes: such as ice ages, infections, all sorts…bacterial, viral, fungal…you name it! Personally skeptical wine drinkers touting benefits of contained Resveratrol. Alcohol allows effective absorption…but problem neurotoxicity of alcohol meaning: damage infliction on brain and incidentally other organs….particularly with the march of time! Also, as you can see from reference…alcohol is carcinogenic, but long time before compulsory labeling. It’s the tobacco story all over again! A dosage involved of about 1,000 mg of Resveratrol concentrate is the equivalent of some 1000 bottles of red wine…a really good reason not to rely on wine!!

Number of studies point to neuroprotective benefits of Resveratrol…seems to help with cerebral blood flow… as result a slowing with Alzheimer’s progression and similarly with beneficial strokes. Reason: suggestion plaque formation may be prevented…a key respecting Alzheimer’s. Resveratrol ‘Fountain of Youth’!

Reasoning from surveys: restriction on amyloid-beta levels, when compared to a placebo group…this is great news for fighting the progression of Alzheimer’s and a real plus for making Resveratrol supplementation a discipline. BUT suggest from time to time, in other words periodically…from my reading! Dr. R. Scott Turner interview with Fox/News.com is certainly well worth a listen. His view is that there could be a relationship to sirtuins…proteins that are activated by calorie restriction, and related to mitochondrial function. Both subjects this WEB really focusing.

Favorable commentary on Resveratrol…with more than 500 scientific studies, finding beneficial effects, AND incidentally covering more than 340 different diseases! Further, that Resveratrol Fountain of Youth…. is a broad spectrum, antimicrobial, anti-infective, antioxidant, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective. But also anti-carcinogenic, and with superior ability to reverse oxidative stress and inflammation…technically, this by blocking the production of two molecules that can trigger inflammation…sphingosine kinase, and phospholipase D!…mouthful, but thanks to Dr. Mercola’s excellent analysis. Resveratrol ‘Fountain of Youth‘!