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Coffee How Good…Cognitive Plus?

Coffee How Good
Coffee How Good

Coffee has had bad… and good raps! Now in rehabilitated ‘halfway’ house! Elsewhere dealt with tea, but NOW…Coffee How Good…Cognitive Plus? Starting with bad!!…caffeine is addictive, negative news for pregnant women, and the hypersensitive, with sleeplessness, and a slew of other minus issues…blood pressure, diuretics, withdrawal…just some in mind. Always consult medico! Having said that…for several years I also avoided coffee…and now REGRET that barren period! Sugar restriction…a mantra of this WEB, not ‘hand in hand’ with coffee, surprisingly…about 70% users do NOT add sugar… balance, half only take one spoon, the 15% balance two!

The real problem in coffee shops…other sugar-laden coffees, offered as temptations, and, often accompanies coffee drink…croissants, muffins, bread products, and the like! So if coffee, unaccompanied, caffeinated and black…Coffee How Good…Cognitive Plus?

A study of about a decade in age suggests caffeinated as opposed to decaffeinated, itself is negative, and negates the ‘innate’ benefits of coffee bean, by raising cholesterol, causing detrimental arterial functioning. BUT now also, another study states the exact opposite! So rather than damaging, a couple of cups of black caffeinated may actually enhance repair of fragile inner artery lining. WOW! A possible compromise…. drink a cup or two of caffeinated, then, just to hedge one’s bets, switch to decaffeinated! Many nutrients…B1,3, B5, and key minerals…examples: Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, and Folates…but MAINLY NOW acknowledged, massive ANTIOXIDANT benefits…such as to enable boost to brain function and COGNITIVE performance. Anything to battle Dementia, Alzheimer’s and another neurodegenerative disease…Parkinson. The numbers impressive, ONLY from one lifestyle decision, or choice! And on this WEB we advocate application multiple battle lines! Anyway… an excess improvement 60% Dementia, and 30% Parkinson. Plus Longevity…makes sense!…recent study out of New England shows a real benefit in that sector! Also in ‘departments’ of Diabetes and Liver disease.

One little idiosyncrasy of mine….decaffeinated is made that way with solvents…to leach out caffeine…instinctively do not like the sound of chemical ‘solvents’! So after two large caffeinated coffees personally switch to Tea, but Black! The aroma of coffee is fabulous, and a good coffee and espresso machine, a must, both at home and office…but also out! Personally like the Tim Hortons dark roast! But avoid accompanying temptation, otherwise, do not go there! So after all that, Coffee How Good…Cognitive Plus?