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Alzheimer’s Turmeric & Pepper!

Alzheimer’s Turmeric & Pepper!
Alzheimer’s Turmeric & Pepper!

Alzheimer’s and Dementia, now out of control, with increasing numbers at ever accelerating rate…and now to Alzheimer’s Turmeric & Pepper!…but including black, the basic spices for curry. Before Indian population rapidly urbanized, and tainted with western eating habits, we have the benefit and only just…of analysis and comparison to their rural populations, along with their traditional eating habits.

Rural Pennsylvania yearly incidence Alzheimer’s among seniors, not long ago, 19 per 1000, and now increasing! Yet…Rural India rate IS: 3…Seems attributable Turmeric, as this main food spice. Alzheimer’s & Turmeric & Pepper!

BUT remember cooking a ‘curry’ ALSO contains pepper…resulting great increased benefit of the turmeric…but mainly of yellow content cucumin. Interesting YouTube commentary by Dr. Greger…he is really singular and excellent in the specifics of identification, and the ‘why’ of this magic! Seems consumption frequent COOKED curries also halves odds cognitive impairment! But also there is ANOTHER variable. The additional predominantly VEGETARIAN diet of the rural Indian. A resulting worrying statistic, that apparently ‘meat eaters’ seem to suffer a two to three times added chance of dementia. My conclusion from this statistical matrix?…the greater emphasis in one’s diet towards vegetarian, generally, the greater the ‘reap’ for dementia protection. Problems of meat anyway, may also have something to do with the AMOUNT, and KIND, we typically eat in our Western world. The huge quantity of protein that accompanies a ten ounce steak is mind boggling! Protein Counting is an important exercise to simply prevent indirect detrimental metabolism, particularly in the liver, to deal with the usual Western chronic protein diet overload! Also the KIND of meat…there is only one!!… to avoid the devastating CAFOs and their multi negative issues…always ORGANIC… perhaps good health protection!…TOTAL vegetarian diet MAY present other issues, such as easily maintaining all necessary nutrients in many aspects of one’s metabolism. Our even pre Paleolithic forerunners MAINLY vegetarian and fruit eaters. BUT we have some omnivore ability capacity…Tendency towards vegetarianism definitely beneficial BUT inversely this may underline now Western failure, and necessity to ‘protein count’ once past the 30s! Paleolithic forbears consumed small quantities compared to present Western wanton protein consumption. BUT enough…. in the meantime Alzheimer’s Turmeric & Pepper!… is a Must…but keep the emphasis on vegetables…vital for our health in many respects!

Check out the following 2 videos for additional details.