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Inspiring Intermittent Fasting Rules Uncovered

Inspiring Intermittent Fasting Rules Uncovered
Inspiring Intermittent Fasting Rules Uncovered

Personally, think that the best proactive health and longevity action anyone can take is intermittent fasting.

Now by an adjustment to our diet, we can also achieve the same results:
Ron Rosedale has for years been advocating the importance of restrictive proteins and an increase of good fats!
But ADD intermittent fasting. It is an accelerator! Keep the dietary proportions the same!
Remember according to Rosedale if outside protein proportions it is worse than exceeding those for carbohydrates!
Intermittent Fasting we can easily handle if we understand it. Painless and almost with immediate results. This makes for great motivation!

It is all very well to talk about a ketone diet but from my experience, it is tough to trigger ketosis without intermittent fasting of some nature!

A ketone diet essentially is:
vastly reduced net carbohydrates and no sugars, a compensatory increase in good fats, and an optimal amount of protein.
I also say we must limit our proteins. In my case at 142 lbs. ideally, I am at some 75 grams and that could be considered almost the upper end!
A problem is the overconsumption of protein just triggers negatives for our liver and kidneys.
Further, the excess protein, in the end, finds it’s way back to sugars! So all that work on the front end, hits you on the back end!

I find that drinking lots of water, particularly in the summer is important. Also, it is necessary to keep one’s electrolytes up. Dr. Berg recommends sea salt. Personally, am not overly in favour of sea salt. Himalayan Salt I find an incredible electrolyte and it contains a whole lot of powerful items!

Notice Dr. Berg has a progression from three to essentially one meal. I agree with the concept of squeezing into say an eight hour or even four-hour window.

BUT I truly believe you must cycle fasting of any kind:
Once or twice a week back off that narrow window. And revert back to a thirteen-hour stretch.
This is essentially a blue zone period of time. and according to Valter Longo, it is optimal anyway!
achieve your body acclimatizing to ketosis but not remaining in that overdrive of a narrow window.
I am always worried when I hear the likes of Longo discuss risks of gall stones when the period consistently exceeds some thirteen hours of fasting.
This is essentially just overnight without that early breakfast! That is your baseline!

Lastly, I just remind you that plant and fruit eaters are our heritage. We may have eaten some meats, but suspect that the animal protein may have been the likes of bird’s eggs and small creatures.

Not the large bovines that produce red meat, to which we have ‘allergy cards!’ and certainly not from CAFOs with all the added toxins, herbicides and antibiotics to boot! Inspiring Intermittent Fasting Rules Uncovered.