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It’s Ketogenesis Again !


It’s Ketogenesis Again! Personally found that fastest passport to healthy body…ketogenic diet…BUT it is difficult to actually accomplish the actual initiation of a fat burning metabolism…which is what this means. Fraction of percent of North American population ever experienced ketosis! Reason because our food industry ‘designer dresses’ ubiquitous sugars that render any hope of ketosis zero! Even that darling of longevity crowd Ray Kursweil, somehow packs enough net carbohydrates with his 2000 breakfast pills that guarantees no ketosis! I have not closely examined his regime but this enigmatic health authority maybe has overlooked ketosis benefits! Could be that Kursweil fat so limited, that issue not personally occurred…and ‘process’ benefits overlooked. Ray, perhaps pay attention here!

Recent book by Joseph Mercola ‘Fat For Fuel‘ amazing work. Explains Mitochondrial benefits from ketogenic diet…simplistically low net carbs and high good fats. Ketosis allows liver to create water soluble fats. These ketones burn much more efficiently than carbohydrates… creating fewer reactive oxygen species (ROS) and secondary mitochondrial damaging free radicals. Beneficial side effect limiting sugars is severe reduction in High Fructose Corn Syrup HFCS products. This eliminates Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) which I think cause of growing obesity crisis worldwide. Relationship worldwide affliction growth Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Robert Lustig, whom I respect has said: “Many people think that fructose provides empty calories. But no, they are toxic calories because they are metabolized only in the liver, and the liver turns the excess into fat.”

Back to Ketosis…! Mercola uses this built in DNA metabolic phenomena in proactive therapeutic manner. It’s Ketogenesis Again!

Discovered the real mitochondrial benefit comes from not just simply ‘fat burning’…but at point where the fasting ends. Insists that one of the primary reasons he encourages cycling ‘in and out’ of ketosis is because the “metabolic magic” to the mitochondria actually occurs during the re-feeding phase as opposed to starvation phase. We talk starvation phase…he is referring to partial fasting…and to an intermittent sometimes variant of complete fast, such as a water fast, for several days. It’s Ketogenesis Again!