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Introduction: Healthy Lifestyle.

Introduction: Healthy Lifestyle
Introduction: Healthy Lifestyle

Our Healthy Lifestyle articles unique! Short, Easy to Follow, access to other brilliant research, a real effort to target subjects and simplify! this I see the real problem with health discussions…the range is just so large that we the reader just fade out!…anyway and!..our readers have responded!…Totally interesting! Most of us do not have time to wade through thousands of research documents. We need shorthand help for health in our busy lives. But also…we need to understand what we read! If we want to follow up…then YouTube references, our readers say ‘fascinating’! Author, Robert Gardner is passionate and qualified about his subject. Not only does he have the broad and fascinating background to substantiate his comments…but he truly has the facility to digest thousands of opinions and points of view in a rapid and even humorous way! BUT these subjects are really serious. Our civilization has gone askew! Our very way of life, not least medical systems, is in massive financial jeopardy. Unfortunately, thanks to self interested business, and lack of knowledge. Insulin Resistant Syndrome malaise, has created a massive chain of tragic events. Stinging Results: from Metabolic Syndrome diseases…including: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Dementia and Alzheimer’s to name a few…is catastrophic.

Worldwide OBESITY crisis, which I continually repeat is REFLECTIVE, and the RESULT of Insulin Resistant Syndrome issues, is something we CAN deal with NOW! Essentially we must incrementally work towards Healthy Lifestyle!

Example: Too much medical commentary to the overweights of: “just exercise” and “be disciplined”! Nonsense! Advent of High Fructose Corn Syrup, or HFCSs, in seventies, and FDA approval…a catastrophe! Set chain of events, now is almost world wide! And hitting world populations, previously immune? It’s OBESITY again…reflective! Processed food industry permeates just about everything with HFCSs. done 1.30..mins

BUT I sincerely believe that we CAN do something NOW…to beat, for instance, Alzheimer’s. The research IS out there, and different pockets! Solution, is not just one remedy or activity…it is a multi frontal attack…to beat that massive wave of human suffering…and a Healthy Lifestyle is an essential start!