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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Makes ‘research’ easy!…Robert, years of inductive, ‘cross disciplines’…enables you…all comes together with inter connective articles. Example: Believes NOW Alzheimer’s patients multiple methods, arrest and reverse debilitating decline, & devastation to loved ones. Same Heath generally: fight against…obesity, diabetes, gut issues, cancer, heart disease, dementia…Your passport to fast understanding & Longevity!


Fasting Secret 'Highlander Duncan MacLeod' Longevity?

Fasting Secret ‘Highlander Duncan MacLeod’ Longevity?

This Web site is now known for it's tireless research across many disciplines, and now to puzzle the why, key to, secret, trick or...



Jet Lag Secrets & Circadian Rhythms!

Jet Lag Secrets & Circadian Rhythms!video
Jet Lag Secrets & Circadian Rhythms! Great Greger video, and the one at the end of this blog is interesting as well because of...
Care with Salt

Care With Salt


Worldwide OBESITY crisis, which I continually repeat is REFLECTIVE, and the RESULT of Insulin Resistant Syndrome issues, is something we CAN deal with NOW! Essentially we need our Healthy Lifestyle!