Home Health & Fitness Perfect Storm, Shocking Unbelievable Obesity!

Perfect Storm, Shocking Unbelievable Obesity!

Perfect Storm, Shocking Unbelievable Obesity!
Perfect Storm, Shocking Unbelievable Obesity!

My own proposition about calories is that not all calories are created equal!

I see to my dismay that some of those who I really admire for their research are not convinced.

Even include my respected Dr. Michael Greger with his recent Blogs!
But he is more anti keto diets, particularly the ones advocating high fats!
(here I think the confusion resolved with good fats!)
and also should be good and restricted proteins!
But I personally agree with Lustig! It’s many factors But:
a calorie is a calorie is nonsense! He says nutritionists, unfortunately, learn this at their schools!
but this Video so instructive and isolates key factors! Ultimately it comes down to Insulin Resistance and Diabetes as we have harped so many times before!
Perfect Storm:

It’s a Sugar Storm and a confluence of several factors. Ultimately Metabolic Syndrome Problems are the result.

Big factor: The 5 generation war of fat versus sugar? fats were beaten out by sugar, and carbs generally won!

Passive foods contain extra sugars. always be suspicious of ‘low fat’ foods.

usually means added sugars.  and especially palatable foods, with HFCS, High Fructose Corn Syrup, highly addictive!

Obesity is ravaging our society.
It is now becoming a legal norm! Causation is really diabetes and type 2 (or 3) is so closely associated with lipids and related heart disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and a slew of others.
BUT obesity just travels with these…proposition is that it is not the cause.
20% obese okay. For whatever reason, they are blessed but still obese! BUT rest metabolic dysfunction. 60% of US…maybe more! 75% of healthcare expenditure.

The UN says this non-communicable disease is bigger threat to the developing world than acute infectious diseases such as cholera!

We need complex carbs. sugar fat and carbs.

two molecules glucose and fructose are very different from those of glucose. Glucose delivered to all organs as essential for the energy of life.. it’s 80% for all organs and only 20% of which to liver where we have direct Fat created and issues of removal of toxins.

But all fructose goes to liver. that now is overloading and resulting in not only a mitochondrial meltdown. but the result of fat into which significant amount converted!

This In Liver, a toxin similar to alcohol, which metabolizes to fat in the same manner as fructose. Also drives Insulin Resistance.!! This is Ivor Cummins mantra!

we have changes in society of foods available, and palatable…tasty!….like never before…
Sugar Fat and Carbohydrate at the same time! Where is fat! It’s Fructose!
Doctors say Eat Less Exercise More..okay. but now our Hormones get in the way.
High levels of Leptin often means Leptin Resistance…used to work and does not work today!
This is a significant element and it comes down to Insulin.
It is Insulin Resistance and Ivor Cummins is all over this and agrees with his Engineering Scientific Mind!

There are other tweaks such as the probity of our microbiome! We need those complex carbohydrates desperately! and we need the Satiety Hormone to lock in and override the Hunger Hormone. Perfect Storm, Shocking Unbelievable Obesity!