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Just Understanding Fasting Benefits!

Just Understanding Fasting Benefits!
Just Understanding Fasting Benefits!

Naomi Whittel, a ‘Swiss born’ Brit, whose grandfather introduced the concept of biodynamic farming to the United States!..’raised’ in Britain, bright parents, organic foods from their bio-farm But none of this sufficient for Naomi to avoid impact autoimmune disorder of eczema. This devastated her in youth and teenage years! So much, that she was rejected at ‘last minute’, aged 14, from going to “Spring” school dance…like a prom in Britain…by boy who caught a ‘quick sight’ of her eczema, and after successful encouragement by her Mum to not cover up so much! Humiliation and trauma through school years must have been more than traumatic…and have probably left lasting and almost irredeemable scars…her determination to abate eczema with panic subjection to steroids… at any cost, and no doubt it did cost health wise!…for the balance of her teens.

BUT then started her crusade for natural health in her early twenties. This is someone who actually grasped the concept of ketosis.…and the power of metabolic fat burning, as much as some twenty years ago. Since then she has continuously fine tuned a number of basic concepts for health and youthfulness. Serious irony, is that although helped by Chinese herbs, and acupuncture, these herbs she subsequently found out were highly toxic from metal contamination in the soils where grown, and their methods of processing! Caused her to pause with a planned pregnancy until this resolution! A highly relevant issue…and more and more so today, that drove her to serious diligence on any source of materials… particularly those supplying a company, Reserveage, of which she was CEO.

She also deployed polyphenols…natural antioxidants…particularly with organically grown grapes in Bordeaux that abounds with them including that of Resveratrol...then to Calabria in Sicily…remember Valter Longo! who came from a blue zone there that he uses as a classic example for Longevity! But Calabria is where Citrus Bergamot Fruit is used for Whole Citrus Bergamot Tea...apparently the lead researcher Dr. Elzbieta Janda was drinking 4 to 5 cups a day to “activate her autophagy…! This it turns out, and personally convinced, is key to a solution for both general health and also Longevity! by this, meaning over and above the longevity from successfully warding off autoimmune disorders, including cancer…BUT the quantum Longevity stride thereafter…and have already discussed on this site and will continue to do so! It’s an exciting proposition!

‘Auto’… Greek… meaning ‘self’ and ‘phagy’ meaning ‘eating’..apt word for the digestion or cellular house cleaning of damaged cells that encourages replacement with healthy cells. Now to generate autophagy she appears to have ‘intermittently’ fasted. Just Understanding Fasting Benefits!

That means using the 24 hour day and seemingly flexing it, by for example daily, and alternatively, backing to just 12 hours…one could call this cyclical…in other words not always trying to reduce the day to an 8 hour eating window…personally believe wise… as Valter Longo has pointed out poignantly…extending the fasting period beyond 13 hours on a consistent basis runs for example a serious risk of gall stones! Not a good operation! But Naomi has been at this concept of fasting for over 20 years…maybe approaching 25 years if combined with water fasting! Seems results have allowed her to finally successfully combat eczema! Around 2014 she enlisted Dr. Richard Wang a dermatologist and autophagy expert and Dr. Beth Levine who focuses on exercise as a similar driver of hormesis (stress) to create a favorable cellular climate…Then William A. Dunn, Ph.D who has been researching autophagy for some 30 years and based out of the University of Florida. With input from these luminaries, she has uniquely developed her own protocol. This came to a head with a lifestyle study of some 35 persons utilizing her acquired concepts turned out to be a major success..in 15 days they lost weight, looked better, and kicked medications! Thus her book “Glow15.”..

Some of her key strategies with personal comments: 1) Intermittent Fasting & Protein Cyclingmeans 16 hours fast that activates fat burn and autophagy results, BUT ingesting protein to only 5% total calories …and on alternate days normal protein BUT protein count…for her lean BMI (about 18%) means about 50 grams…but on those other days perhaps only 25!..Half!.. good to remember that rule of thumb… for say 140 lb septuagenarian (seniors need say 25% more protein as do young athletes) with just 8% BMI…means some 70 grams total and 35 grams for alternative days!  2) Always eat fats first and carbs last! Now on this point not overly convinced!…remember when eating carbs, because of association with Glycemic Spikes, seems that to keep to last eating activity best to keep this in mind and ameliorate! So long as there is activity subsequent to the meal and enough time…ideally three hours before sleep! 3) Cyclical exercise…every other day 30 minutes of HIIT or HIST…this creates stress or hormesis… and personally believe the 30 is too much… t can all be done in 20 minutes...one is looking for the Nitric Oxide dump! and one can even create this result without a gym…the HIST tend to think that just once a week sufficient!! and that can all completed in under 15 minutes in a gym! also similarly can be done without a gym!! 4) Eat autophagy activating foods…she has as many as 140!! but great pointers: citrus bergmot tea, green tea, tumeric…and of course resveratrol!! On a fasting low protein day recommends removing egg white (high in protein) and on high protein days keep both white and yolk! All this great merit and great insight! Just Understanding Fasting Benefits!

In 2016 Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to Japanese biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi for research on autophagyThis heralds immediate exciting future in personal opinion of both curative and true Longevity solutions! Interesting that she has now added water fasts (some five days!) that she has incorporated for every month…this is more frequent than Mercola (say four times a year) and more than Valter Longo…who advocates a maintenance of some 2 to 3 times a year…BUT personally read her recent water fast as heralding a true rejuvenation for much older persons whose Stem Cells have essentially become dormant and incapable…its literally the wake up call for rejuvenation and ground zero Stem Cells and truly effective autophagy on a really effective scale...Namomi is still young enough not to be too bothered by this detail! The impact of age is best described by Valter Longo and in this article is his video that emphasizes the potential of the ravaging of age and really how simple it is to obstruct. Plus all that over concern for ‘vegan vegan’ is different when over 70…mixing diet up with Goat cheeses and even some white meat may be a good thing…and a say 20% increase in protein generally. BUT to achieve ‘ground zero’ for this group in their Stem Cells…five days of fasting! Whether it is the FMD or some kind of substitute, or straight water fast…that is a debate this site discusses…but all in their place are good! Just Understanding Fasting Benefits!