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skipping breakfast dangerous…skipping dinner incredible!

skipping breakfast dangerous...skipping dinner incredible!
skipping breakfast dangerous...skipping dinner incredible!

The saying goes, Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, and Dinner like a pauper! There are all kinds of benefits to NOT skipping breakfast and all sorts of benefits to early dinner.

I used to wonder why the British custom of high tea, but ironically the timing was right… just the timing! Given the number of carbohydrates and sweet items at tea, it seems almost a tradeoff of timing to ameliorate the negative diet! My countrymen get it right but not all the way!

The irony is that the upper classes because of their access to quantities of food and drink often suffered and died off. There were so many then with gout! The lower classes did not have that chance unless it was an addiction to cheap gin.

Almost as a rule of thumb, insulin resistance is invariably related to long term metabolic syndrome diseases. This includes the likes of diabetes itself and heart disease. But also a propensity to cancer and a slew of other issues.

This dining like a pauper is primarily aimed at the glycemic index. I myself for a long time was somewhat seduced by the intermittent fasting regimen.

I am now a severely modified intermittent faster.

To keep that facility of trending towards ketosis. So few of our population are body conditioned at all!

Keep at around the eighteen-hour maximum time-restricted feeding stage.

But maybe once or maximum twice a week.

My basic reasoning is that a healthy interval of twelve hours sleep and twelve hours eating maintains equilibrium.

AND as optimum avoidance of gall stone, kidney and liver risk.

But this twelve-hour general feeding period allows an early dinner and does not discuss relative quantities of food.

A heavy meal in the morning has far less impact on the glycemic spike that say at lunch or worst dinner.

My method is to eat as early as possible two hours AFTER EXERCISE. This relating to avoiding muscle loss.

And try as hard as possible to keep evening meal low in volume and calories and healthy with plant-based fiber and all the bells and whistles of this BLOG.

Other tricks are taking a walk to soften the spike and so on. If at a restaurant, park the car a good walk away!

Listening to Grger below. The impact for weight for health respecting LDLs, triglycerides, and low glycemic index maintenance is overwhelming!

And remember that a regimen of more at breakfast and less at dinner. Plus adherence to the circadian rhythm to cut off as early as possible.

This gives the added boon of weight loss! It all has to do with our inherited circadian rhythm. We all were asleep when it was dark and that is inborn for many reasons including safety.

The consequential flow through pro-health expressions are dramatic. Timing! It ALSO really helps if foods are natural, organic, plant-based if possible and a general avoidance of meats particularly beef. Including their milk!

Skipping breakfast dangerous…skipping dinner incredible!