Home Health & Fitness Is Unpopular Avocado ‘Water Cost’ Devastating?

Is Unpopular Avocado ‘Water Cost’ Devastating?

Is Unpopular Avocado 'Water Cost' Devastating?
Is Unpopular Avocado 'Water Cost' Devastating?

I am kind of ‘hung up’ in a positive way about the simple but tasty avocado. They are a great food source and in combination with a multitude of positive nutrients. Their oil is perhaps one of the best for us humans. Being monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. The fiber presents us with that much-needed component in our diet. This sadly North Americans generally ignore, to their peril, and high risk of illness and resulting death.

An avocado is not high in calories, in my opinion, being about 200 or less on average. Sometimes 300 exceptionally with the large Costco type ones from Mexico. They are my favorite total food substitute for a Fasting Mimimicing Diet FMD, if for some reason Water Fasts are inappropriate.

The Positives:

Contain great antioxidants:

A great source of Vitamin E. Rich in Oleic Acid, a heart-healthy Omega 9 fatty acid.. comprising as much as about 70 %, of the oil.

It seems to increase HDL or the good cholesterol, and lower the alleged bad LDL. The latter is that traditional marker for risk of heart disease.

Its lutein is good for our eyes. Also, lutein seems positive for arthritis and even gum disease!

They are rich in magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin K, and carotenoids.

Supposedly can even fight myeloid leukemia by targeting their stem cells.

The negatives:

The really big negative, they are very thirsty for water!

This is causing many a problem, both for water tables, and those local populations struggling to get clean water!

Each avocado requires 70 liters (18.49 gallons) of water to produce. This means the avocado fruits can be environmentally destructive!

Human toll:

In drought-prone Petorca province in Chile, avocado plantations have diverted and stolen water. This has caused streams to run dry and harmed local people, desperate for clean water to drink, wash and cook with.

Environmental toll:

Avocados are also environmentally demanding, in that they now ripen in huge temperature controlled warehouses as opposed to on the tree traditionally.

Also, avocados are also shipped in atmosphere controlled cargo vessels that cause yet another environmental toll.

In Europe now even restaurants have adopted an entirely avocado food theme. But my impression is that this, in fact, is healthy! Also indirectly but only ultimately, is also a green concept. So ‘green avocados’ may not be that bad!

They are also a nutrient booster in that they help absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as important vitamin D. This last my repeated refrain that we all get too little, particularly in the Northern latitudes! Is Unpopular Avocado ‘Water Cost’ Devastating?