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Stunning Doctor Caused Deaths Unbelievable

Stunning Doctor Caused Deaths Unbelievable
Stunning Doctor Caused Deaths Unbelievable

I read recently that according to a 2004 report, authored by multiple medical doctors (entitled “Death by Medicine”), the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine (Doctor Caused Deaths) is an astounding 783,936 per year! That report went on to state that accordingly, more people in the USA die each year from “iatrogenic” (i.e. doctor-induced) causes than died the ENTIRE Civil War!

The irony in my view is that these numbers are extremely conservative!

I will try to make that point with a few comments.

Even mainstream media outlets report that “medical mistakes” are one of the top 3 causes of death in the USA.

Recently Fox News ran a story that medical mistakes could be the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

However, let’s reflect on the example of one woman who discusses her Dad when he was diagnosed with cancer in 1996.

His initial prognosis was that he would have two years to live without chemo.

He was operated on and 75% of his stomach removed. But after 19 blood transfusions, the bleeding could not be stopped.

He died in 25 days. Her view:

While his death certificate indicated “adenocarcinoma” as the cause of death, the actual cause of death was clearly a botched surgery. Iatrogenic!?

The potential for a REALLY HIGH number of iatrogenic deaths is real!

Estimated 783,936 Doctor Caused Deaths per year

Myself a lot of experience with the medical profession, besides nearly leading a career as one of them! The problem these days is that any exposure to medical procedures is fraught with risk.

Our medical profession generally is ‘drug and knife’ oriented.

Often a natural substance or a preventative approach would solve the problem. The problem is time.

The profession is simply there to despatch as many patients as possible!

To be educating on diet and lifestyle, given only a few are actually knowlegeable, is time-consuming and in the short term, costly.

I remember doctors smoking as a regular course. Now the parallel woes come down to obesity, diet…you cannot exercise out of a bad diet!… and such things as alcohol.!

As doctors used to smoke now they are equanimous about drinking, and even naively advocate some amounts!

Their naivete thinking, along with media, that the resveratrol in the reds was good.

Reality is that Resveratrol a good antioxidant and polyphenol. But to obtain enough from red wine would require several legions of glasses!

Blueberries have the same skin and same polyphenol!

I look back on my teen diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and if only had known the prevention! Enduring winters in England and starch-filled foods at their public schools and at that latitude without enough vitamin D in itself is a tipping point in prevention!

Undergoing the onslaught of then poorly researched steroids another balancing act to an abyss! Immobility and bed-bound a ‘passport’ to depression in an English medical ward where people die daily.

I shudder when chemo and radiation are the norm at Cancer Clinics.

The combination of Fasting and Chemo may be sufficient to tip an otherwise almost hopeless scale.

Walter Longo explores this dimension with such credibility and substitutes his FMD Fasting Mimicking Diet for good measure to avoid the pitfalls of a complete water fast!

My own experience with Acral Lentiginous Melanoma or ALM is revealing.

Bluish hue on the underside of my foot. No inside bumps or surface moles.

My panic haste to have an immediate biopsy. That now on reflection should not be the initial reaction.

Biopsies themselves are intrusive and may open up the containment of a cancer that otherwise may remit naturally!

Besides being extremely painful, the location is arbitrary.

It is best to first of all carefully examine with appropriate diagnostic lighting. Then perhaps watch carefully for changes.

Reinforcement with this approach if I had known that ‘white’ persons rarely succumb to ALM.

Of all diagnoses, only 1% white, compared to comparatives with darker skins at 60%. Bob Marley incidentally was a victim in the classic sense.

I nearly died from resulting hospital infections after multiple surgeries….if so another iatrogenic situation? another statistic but not iatrogenic…and I should have known better! Stunning Doctor Cause Deaths Unbelievable