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Conquer Coronavirus With Vitamin C!

Conquer Coronavirus With Vitamin C!
Conquer Coronavirus With Vitamin C!

What we get out of this interview with Dr. Andrew Saul, is threefold. It is all about Vitamin C and I have a certain fascination of this vitamin. There is now a historical parallel reluctance to believe in its health benefits.

Captain Cook, almost three hundred years ago, more than demonstrated that natural vitamin C from fruit and plants avoided scurvy for his crew.

This during his three world exploration voyages. It was when usually an absence from a plant-based diet wrought havoc, causing scurvy ridden sailors.

Ultimately, in the early 1800s, a reluctant and suspicious bureaucratic and snobbish English Admiralty adopted a ‘Limey Regimen’. In other words, they fed their crews Limes every day.

This probably changed the course of naval history with healthy, and therefore fully manned crews on their warships.

Personally believe the Battle of Trafalgar led by Lord Nelson against the French in the Meditteranean, would have been defeat…

Instead, it was to the English a glorious victory, and to this day Nelson’s column stands proudly in Trafalgar Square, London, England.

There is today, respecting treatment for Coronavirus, a prevailing reluctance to embrace a therapy that has been around for countless years. It also has recently been utilized with huge and persuasive anecdotal success in China.

Hypocritical pantomimes that are severely over cautious for dangerously sick coronavirus patients are frustrating. The insistence of a double-blind study is somewhat ridiculous. That takes months if not years! This is a pandemic for heaven’s sake.

Concurrently remember that we in North America, and include Canada to an even greater degree, have been woefully and even criminally negligent in our preparation.

This hypocrisy is in stark contrast to the ready and available economic solution!

A useful tip when taking vitamin C pills as a health precaution and non-intravenously is to spread of course throughout the day.

For that reason, it may be helpful to have low numerical dosages and I am thinking say 200 mg. and try to remember to take at least three to four times a day.

Our bodies really should not exceed say around 500 mg approximately at one intake, without jettisoning the surplus. So to keep a steady plateau throughout the day makes sense.

It is IF and WHEN one is stricken with the coronavirus that INTRAVENOUS much higher dosages are appropriate. Amazingly Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling was on to this! But good luck if you are in Canada.

This is the country that gave it’s extra ventilators to China in an obsequious political move of ingratiation. This is the country where bureaucrats run rife and one way or another they will insist on a double-blind study over oh so many wasted months and lives.

In British Columbia, we are particularly vulnerable as there is a significant population of both Mainland Chinese and Iranian.

Interesting that European countries, where bureaucrats are supreme seem to have adapted more quickly!

The inside continual lobby from Provinces to the Federal Canadian government to close the borders to China and Iran, in particular, was met with deaf ears.

Trudeau, too busy plane hopping in Africa, ingratiating himself with borderline tyrants and pissing Canadian tax dollars away.

All the while woefully and negligently insisting that our borders be kept open even when the United States unfortunately belatedly closed theirs.

Now coronavirus is truly a world problem. It’s now a question of how well we manage the crisis and I am none too confident! BUT Conquer Coronavirus With Vitamin C!