Substitute Humus!

    Substitute Humus!
    Substitute Humus!

    A common misconception is that our forebears were hunters wielding their primitive clubs, and slaying the plethora of animal life around them. Indeed they would have a share of meat and fish, but primarily they were gatherers of vegetable based material! They knew well what to pick, they also knew the intense danger of entanglement with the then vicious carnivores all around. We were omnivores (note vegans!) but modest when it came to game…..But a tip, sometimes remember and…Substitute Humus!

    Consequently our DNA that is driven by natural selection and which is epigenetically sensitive allows a plant based diet is remarkably therapeutic. The combination of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, coupled with their powerful phytonutrients is really the primary answer for the modern so called advanced society full of metabolic syndrome issues. Also we MUST cater to our second brain our Microbiome. It is a major contributor to counter the negatives of aging, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune issues such as rheumatoid arthritis. Specifically chickpea legumes have for many thousands of years used as medicinal prevention. Recently, Indians from Northern India, exposed to modern day grains, with underlying high carbohydrate issues switched to chickpeas. and found was a dramatic reversal that brought them back to low cholesterol readings BUT naturally. Until exposed to our way of life, Indians in India enjoyed incredible immunity from metabolic disorders….the fact that a reversal is so easily demonstrated as above is frightening. Personally I do not agree with an entirely vegan diet… nor one that is extremely low in fats….be selective for good unsaturated fats all blogged from time to time, but some saturated fat may have other positives (brain for instance), and some animal protein provides a symbiosis for vitamin B 12 for example.

    But when it comes to carbs, sugars, processed foods….most part, Substitute Humus!

    After all, that was what our forebears did and passed on to us….it is the magic of the right balance….let’s aim for 60% fats, far less protein and way less carbs, and I say avoid sugar literally like the plague! It is poison, and poison to our innate mitochondrial metabolism. But keep in mind a good provision for chickpeas…humus is good for us! therefore often….Substitute Humus!